11 Top Tips to Arrange Your Self Storage Unit for Handy Use

When it comes to using a self storage unit, planning is imperative for efficiently using the available storage space optimally. At times, people are inclined to think they require more space than they actually do. The packaging tips listed below will assist you in packing all of your belongings into the available space of a self storage unit resourcefully.

Clever Self Storage Unit Packing Tips:

Make a List or Click Photos of Your Belongings

Click photographs or make a list of all your belongings before you put them into a self storage unit. This will be of great help in the rare occurrence when something happens to them while they’re kept in storage, and you require making an insurance claim. Secondly, this list will help you in identifying things that you have placed inside the self storage unit.

Pack in Sturdy Packaging Boxes

It is vital to pack your belongings in sturdy same sized boxes as this will make piling them effortless facilitating you to make the most of the vertical space. Usually, you can buy sturdy packaging boxes from storage box shop of the concerned self-storage facility.

Use Trolleys to Move Your Belongings within the Storage Facility

Unload your goods in the loading bay once you reach the storage facility and make use of the available trolleys to move your goods to your self storage unit. Be cautious not to overload the trolley or load it in an unsafe manner.

Use Dust Sheet

To shield your belongings, use a dust sheet and cover the ground space.


Arranging Your Belongings inside a Self Storage Unit

Sofas and mattresses should be stored at one end and piling chairs pad-to-pad will assist you to reduce the amount of space you require.

Mark your largest or bulky boxes and place them in a storage unit along with your bigger items first. The belongings you need to frequently access should be placed towards the front of the unit. However, if you would be requiring frequent access to most of your belongings kept in the self storage unit then you’ll need to leave a walkway.

Use wooden pallets (if available) to lift boxes or belongings off the floor.

Pile up your boxes optimising your storage space, beginning from the unit’s back and load your space systematically towards the front. Remember to make use of the single items for filling gaps as you move.

Garden tools & tools with sharp edges should be safely packed to avert accidents. However, make sure to clean the outside equipment before they are put in a self storage unit. Remember to oil lawnmower’s blades or cutting tools prior to storing them.

Make use of empty spaces resourcefully – for instance, chest of drawers, wardrobes, suitcases or laundry baskets – pack these empty spaces with stuff such as pillows, linen or clothing.

Delicate or fragile items should be labelled appropriately and they should be easily noticeable.

Towards the End

When you’re done with moving and storing all your belongings – using a dust sheet, cover all your stuff kept inside the storage unit so that they remain shielded and immaculate. Finally, use a padlock to secure your self storage unit.

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