11 Vital Types Of Medical Equipment

Hospitals and medical clinics have hundreds of patients each day who require a variety of health care. This means that medical facilities need different types of equipment to care for each patient. Here are some of the most essential pieces of equipment required for your health care facility.

Equipment 1: Sterilizers

Without sterilizers, patients would become infected with bacteria, leading to infections. Sterilizing equipment can eliminate pathogens with high temperatures to keep other equipment safe to use again.

Equipment 2: Patient Monitors

After an injured or ill individual is in a hospital, she is hooked up to a patient monitor so that the physicians and nurses can determine if she is in stable condition. A monitor can keep track of a patient’s heartbeats, breathing rate and brain waves.

Equipment 3: Defibrillators

A defibrillator is a vital type of medical equipment that is used to start the heart with electricity when it isn’t beating. There are large defibrillators that are kept in operating rooms, and there are also portable defibrillators that are easy for a physician to carry from one location to another.

Equipment 4: Gurneys

Gurneys are narrow beds that have sturdy wheels that make it easier for nurses and physicians to move a patient through the hallways of a medical facility into a patient or operating room. A gurney often has straps to keep a patient in place while she is transported to another area in the hospital or clinic.

Equipment 5: Anesthesia Machines

When a patient receives anesthesia, it is a complicated process that requires the proper dosage along with making sure that the individual is breathing correctly. An anesthesia machine is essential when a patient needs an invasive medical procedure such as an appendectomy. Without anesthesia, a patient will go into shock from the pain of an incision.

Equipment 6: Ice Machines

There are good reasons for having a commercial ice maker in a medical facility. Women who in labor can suck on crushed ice to remain hydrated without ingesting too much fluid that can lead to nausea or vomiting. The ice is also useful for patients who have high fevers or sore throats. When a patient has a tonsillectomy, ice can soothe the throat until it heals completely.

Equipment 7: Centrifuge

Medical facilities and hospitals need centrifuges to separate blood into solid and liquids to perform laboratory tests to understand why a patient is ill. Along with having the centrifuges, the laboratory technicians will need to have test tubes and specimen slides.

Equipment 8: Ultrasound Machines

Physicians need ultrasound machines to see images of the organs inside the body to determine if a patient has a foreign object in the intestinal tract or kidney stones in the kidneys. It is also possible to look at images of fetuses inside pregnant women with an ultrasound machine.

Equipment 9: Incubators

A premature infant will need to stay in an incubator where there is climate control and easy to access to breathing apparatus. These tiny beds are designed to keep out bacteria and viruses to maintain a baby’s health while he gains weight.

Equipment 10: Respirators

When patients have problems breathing, they will need a respirator to help them breathe normally. Some respirators will force air into a patient’s lungs while other types of respirators will add more oxygen to the air that a patient breathes.

Equipment 11: X-ray Machines

If a patient has a broken bone, then the physician will order an X-ray to learn more about the injury. After understanding where a bone is broken, a physician can make a cast for an arm, or she can perform surgery to repair a badly fractured bone.

Who Takes Care Of This Equipment?

In addition to having all of these pieces of equipment, medical clinics and hospitals have an expert who will clean and fix the items so that the machines work properly when a patient requires the device.

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