3 Great Topics For Blogger Nurses to Cover

You’re a nurse who happens to be a blogger and perhaps you even have a little following going. As much as your readers probably enjoy hearing about your everyday life, they also read your blog because they want to hear your point of view on things that you happen to be an expert in. Readers may look for insight on Bradley University and other schools that offer superior nursing programs. People who visit your blog want to know the best way to avoid the flu and how to figure out which beauty products work the best. Here are three blog topics that nurses can cover that will guarantee a boost in traffic.

1. Cover Zombie Survival Tactics

Yes, zombie survival guides are still very popular, and as a nurse, you can provide readers with some really killer inside information. First, you can tell people what supplies they can use to improvise when tending to cuts and bruises. Let readers know what medications are most important so they can have them stockpiled in advance. Lastly, you can give an idea of how long it would take someone to turn after being bitten. Of course, the information provided would all be in good fun.

2. Talk About College

According to statistics, only around 30% of all adults have actually graduated from college. That means that a lot of your readership will be wanting information about higher learning for personal reasons. It’s never too late to go back to school, so you can discuss Bradley University Online or your experiences at school when you were pursuing your nursing degree. Readers need information on how to get into school, as well as how to get prepared for their freshman year. In addition, visitors to your blog are going to be seeking information to help them prepare their kids for school. There are a lot of different ways that you can approach talking about college on your blog.

3. Reveal Something Interesting About Yourself

Do you have a fear of clowns that is so bad it prevents you from working in pediatric nursing? Can you write with your feet as well as your hands? Everyone has a talent, and everyone has something that is strange and unique. Decide what you want to reveal to your readership and watch your traffic explode. Remember that your dedicated readers are going to keep coming back no matter what you talk about, but new visitors need to be impressed the first time they come around. Mix-up topics to include helpful tidbits of information, along with personal facts about yourself to keep things interesting.

Whether you write on your blog every day or just put up new posts as time allows, don’t lose your identity as a nurse. First and foremost, you have to protect the identity of your patients, so be cautious when you talk about the details of your job. Next, have fun with your blog. Even if your blog isn’t monetized, it can become a great platform to use later in your career.

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