4 Ways Home Decor has Changed Drastically over the Decades

Over the decades, home decor has undergone a wide variety of changes. It has mostly changed, not due to people’s taste being particularly different, but due to available materials which can now mimic or recreate the lifestyles of the rich and famous for those of us who aren’t as wealthy.


Wooden Floor became Carpeted

The reason why carpet came so late to the game and why it was not the sort of thing that poor or middle-class people could ever afford had mostly to do with cleaning it.


In the pioneer days in every country, carpet cleaning involved “tacking” or “nailing” it down to the wooden floor, and then twice a year, removing the tacks and taking it outside for a beating and thorough cleaning. Then, it had to be tacked back down to the floor again.


This was a process really only used by people who could afford to hire a staff to do it or who were willing to do all that work themselves, just to have some carpet in the house. Rugs were dealt with in a similar manner to clean them, just without all the nailing down.


Fortunately, professional carpet cleaners, vacuums and our beloved friend, the Roomba, made an appearance and suddenly carpet could be permanently installed and simply vacuumed an cleaned when needed.


Windows became Highly Customizable

The settings, screen, sliding, and direction of opening have all become heavily customizable on something which used to take a day’s worth of labor to simply install. Now, not only does the installation go quickly and easily, but you can buy windows and window frames in such a variety of options that your home can be tricked out in light in the exact way that you want it to be.


Windows can also come in a variety of glass, frame color, and even type and color of a locking mechanism.


Kitchens became Smaller

There was a time when you needed a long counter beside your sink so that three people could stand there. One to wash, one to dry, and one to put the dishes away. In fact, even after the invention of dish drainers, this still required a great deal of counter space.


Now, we have built-in dishwashers and we have machines which reduce the necessity of counter space. Instead of spreading out cutting boards, bowls, and multiple pans, we can do everything on one surface with our graters, electric choppers, electric mixers, and we can use our extra cabinet space to simply stack all of our pots and pans.


There was a time when an entire team of people would be in the kitchen, making sure the meal was prepared on time. This required extra tables and counter surfaces just for that. Now, everything can be done in the same amount of time by one person or, at most, two people.


In both situations, all that extra space can just be put toward other areas of the house.


Bedrooms became Bigger

At one time, bedrooms were simply small hovels in the center of the house or packed into the corner of the house where someone could stick a bed and maybe a desk and lamp if they were particularly creative. Bedrooms did not require light and fresh air because heating and air conditioning weren’t invented yet and nobody wanted hot summers or cold winters in their room. Windows in bedrooms were simply not as desired as they so obviously are today.


In those days, light was also not as easily obtainable, so windows were restricted to the areas of the house which needed it more, like the living room and drawing room, where people were actually doing handiwork during the day.


Today, bedrooms can be made spacious, grand, and even opulent without losing heat in the winter or coolness in the summer. They can be given full glass doors onto the balcony or have a hot tub installed in a corner. Thanks to technology, our bedrooms have become larger and a lot more enjoyable while our kitchens have become smaller and more efficient.


Home decor is an amazing part of life and we all enjoy creating our own styles in our own homes. Comment below with your favorite part of home decorating.

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