5 Key Reasons Why an Open-Door Policy Betters Your Business


An open-door policy can be of great value to your business if you implement it properly. Companies that make good use of this important policy give their employees the freedom to talk to their managers on any issue at any time. Some employers consider this a waste of their time and ignore it. But experts have discovered that an open-door policy is actually a valuable resource for businesses. Here are five great ways this policy can benefit your business.


Ensures Accessibility

Employees often have a lot of ideas that they need to share with the top management. However, due to lack of accessibility, they choose to keep quiet. With this policy, managers can meet many of their employees and get several opportunities to understand better the issues that affect them.


The increased accessibility also creates several opportunities for leaders to mentor others. A true open-door policy enables top leaders to mentor their employees directly. Can does this happen? When people have questions, they can come and ask you. From there, you can know the needs of your employees and be able to devise the most appropriate ways to support them.


Improves Business Productivity

When you allow your team to work closely with you, you actually increase the productivity of your team in the process. The policy promotes the belief that the manager is genuinely concerned about the welfare of others and wants to see the organization achieve its objectives. Close-door policy, on the other hand, often creates a feeling of formality in the work environment, which can adversely affect how subordinates view the interest of their manager. This kind of communication barrier can prevent the flow of information and eventually lead to business failure. As such, you should adopt an open-door policy to foster closer working relationships, and notice your businesses do better.


Promote Transparency

For your policy to be meaningful, you have to hire transparent people. You can be sure you will encounter some opposition from existing employees when you opt to bring in people who embrace openness. Hire purchasing recruiters on contract terms or use the services of any other recruitment agencies to make sensible hires and overcome the obstacles. From then, you will be able to use the recruits to change your organization’s culture. Remember, no one can change their company’s culture from the top. Managers need a natural evolution in the workforce. After undertaking this culture-change process for a while, your company will reap the benefits of transparency, which is often reflected in the bottom line.


Encourages Healthy Discussions

People are gifted uniquely, and your employees are not different. If you allow your workers to talk with you freely, they will go a notch-higher and begin speaking with their colleagues in the same way. In the process, they will be able to exchange ideas and find innovative solutions that benefit everyone.


Reduce Employee Turnover

The times have changed, and you need to change too if you want to succeed in the present business world. In the past, it was considered okay to fear bosses. The “Hitler approach” seemed to be the most accepted way to lead employees and other “inferior” people. Employees were not to be heard over any issues. In the present dispensation, however, managers are obliged to listen to their employees and respect their views. Otherwise, they may have no ground to demand for respect as well. Leadership experts advise that managers should devise ways to make their employees feel indispensable for their organizations. An open-door policy is an appropriate way to achieve this expectation as it gives both employers and employee an equal opportunity to express their views freely. An open-door policy, therefore, is a tool that modern organizations can use to reduce their employee turnover.



People who work in organizations come from different backgrounds. As such, it is important to use management strategies that meet the unique needs of these individuals. Use open-door policy, and see your organization reap great benefits from an increase in shared information.


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