5 Proven Strategies That Will Help You Emerge as a Winner in Your Next Negotiations

Not many people are fond of entering the negotiation room as they have a prejudgment that they will fail and they may not achieve their objectives. Maybe you are a victim of the previous negotiation meeting where you failed. You are now scheduled for another negotiation meeting, and you are not sure about how to handle this one as you already have a feeling that you will be getting a raw deal. This article has assembled so of the trusted and reliable negotiation strategies that will make you win fairly.


  1. Build Confidence

It may sound casual and pedestrian, but you never know how confidence will help you until you have tried it. If you look confident in what you are talking about and your overall presentation, you will attract attention, and everything that you will say will be taken seriously. You will get better offers than even what you anticipated. Some of the best methods of ensuring that you have confidence are by shaking your counterparts hands firmly while at the same time maintaining eye contact throughout the negotiation process. You can also consider dressing appropriately such that people may not have negative perceptions before even you start negotiating.


  1. Practice

As people say, practice makes perfect; you will need to keep practicing so that you can sharpen and polish your negotiation skills. You can have a mirror in front of you whereby you can have clearly defined answers for some of the expected questions, especially when going for a job interview because you are aware of some fundamental questions that you will encounter. Negotiation training is necessary as it will help you to develop and practice justifications for your answers so that you can look more natural. Be careful to avoid over-practicing as you may look robotic, especially when you give fixed answers without more in-depth explanations.


  1. Be Objective

You need to sit around the negotiating table when you have already prepared so that you can be objective on the whole negotiation process. This means that you will have to equip yourselves with all knowledge, experience, and statistics to back up your claims. For example, getting the industrial standards such as the expected salary for the position you’re considering is necessary for the whole process. You need to treat all the background information you have acquired objectively so that you can create a conducive environment for negotiations which will motivate you and your counterparts.


  1. Have Clear Goals

One of the biggest mistakes that make people fail and get raw deals during negotiations is to enter the negotiation room with a single goal, negotiating. It is high time you anticipate the offers that you will be getting and develop clear goals as to what is your minimum expectations. For example, if you are negotiating for the salary of a junior accountant, probably you might consider setting your goal as high as $1,200 and lowest at $1000. By doing this, you have restricted yourself, and you already have the direction you will be following while negotiating. However, make sure that the goals you have are realistic so that you can look reasonable.


  1. Develop Alternatives

Individuals go out for negotiations without having several options which they can select as alternatives if their points don’t go through. You need to have several options so that you can have seamless negotiations. Sometimes negotiations end abruptly due to the lack of feasible alternatives that can help both parties to come to the point of agreement. You will also be required to anticipate your counterpart’s alternatives so that you can poke holes on them.


Adopting these strategies will help you to emerge from negotiations a winner. You will put yourself several yards ahead which might get the other party off-guard. However, it is essential to show respect and be considerate throughout the negotiation process so that your counterparts may not have a perception that you are arrogant or deceptive which could be detrimental to the whole negotiation process.

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