5 Tips for Building an Online Brand

One of the best ways to differentiate yourself from your competition and position your business in the marketplace is to build a strong online brand. By building your brand, you start to become recognizable in the marketplace. Consumers will trust you based on your brand reputation, hear about the amazing things your customers are saying about you, and keep you in consideration when they’re planning to make a purchase.

But building a brand is harder than you think. There is a lot that goes into building a successful brand. If you’re adamant about creating a recognizable brand for your business, here are some solid tips that can help you along the way.

1. Create Engaging and Value Driven Content

A great starting point for building your online brand is to create high quality content. If you’re a fashion brand, you can create articles and videos about creating the perfect Summer look. You can teach your target audience how to mix and match colors. By constantly delivering engaging and value driven content, consumers will follow you and keep their eyes peeled for what you have in store for them next.

Eventually, a relationship will be formed and they’ll be more likely become a customer. Creating content is also a great way to market your business. Great content tends to be shared in social media channels, video sites and blogs. This will result in a lot of free marketing for your business. It will also help if you’re looking to generate links back to your site to further your SEO campaign.

2. Craft a Narrative for Your Brand

Coming up with a strong and unique narrative for your brand will help you create an emotional connection with your target audience. It helps them understand what your company is about beyond the products and services you’re offering. That’s why more brands are trying use brand storytelling in their marketing campaigns and website designs. It makes the brands more relatable and less like a corporate entity.

Sand Cloud is a good example of a brand that has done this successfully. The company has created an interesting story about the problems they found with most beach towels. They talk about the journey of resolving these problems through the creation of their special beach towels. They also integrate their brand’s mission to save and conserve marine life with a pledge to donate 10 percent of the profits to various causes. Using this example, think about how you can create a narrative for your brand that can establish a strong emotional connection with your audience.

3. Be Active on all the Major Channels

In order to reach all your potential customers and stay in touch with existing customers, you need to be active on all the major online channels. This means that you should keep up with your own brand’s blog, get presence on industry blogs, and work to get online press. You’ll also need to use all the major communication channels like email, social media, and mobile. And of course, you’ll want to make sure you can be found in the search engines for relevant keyword searches.

That’s quite a long list of channels for small businesses working with limited resources. While most small businesses won’t be able to use and get the most out of all the channels, it’s really more about taking it one step at a time. There are many things that they can do help them scale to that point. This includes using an integrated digital marketing strategy, coming up with a clear plan/schedule, using freelancers to outsource the work, and using the right technology (automation, research, and organization platforms).

4. Put Customer Satisfaction Above Everything

Wouldn’t it be nice if you could grow your brand simply through word of mouth? That’s what tends to happen if you put customers satisfaction on the top of your list. Customers will become fans and fans will become ambassadors that do whatever they can to get the word out about your business. There’s a lot that goes into ensuring customer satisfaction but it always starts with the quality of the product or service. Customers that felt like they got a great value for their money will most likely talk about it and recommend it to their network.

From there, you can go into improving your customer support department, staying in touch with your customers, and offering great deals in the future. One thing that many businesses are not doing enough of is creating a loyalty program. A loyalty program not only rewards customers for their business, it also incentivizes them to come back and shop with you instead of your competition.

5. Develop a Unique Selling Proposition that Matters

The idea of coming up with a unique selling proposition isn’t new. It is basically a statement that distinguishes you from other brands. Some good examples include Geico’s “15 minutes could save you 15 percent or more on car insurance” and Apple’s “Beauty outside, beast inside” for their Mac computers. But with so many websites competing online, it can be hard to stand out even with these statements.

That’s why it’s become more important to present the value that competitors are not offering. For example, a Joomla hosting provider can offer annual subscribers a premium template package with a professional website builder that’s normally sold for $200. The company can even throw in a special eCommerce optimization course since many Joomla site owners run online stores. Other Joomla hosting providers may include a few generic templates that have decent designs but will not be able to match this much value.

These tips should help you get a strong idea of what you need to do to build a successful online brand. Hopefully, you’ve realized that the tips in this article were focused on the strategy and not tactics. Yes, there are many tactical things that you can do to help boost your brand. However, the biggest growth will come from the strategies you use and how you execute them.

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