5 tips to avoid plumbing problems in the home

Who has not washed the mate and the bulb in the kitchen sink and left the remains to go down the drain? Generally without paying attention, we have behaviors like this and we believe that the plumbing of our home will never be affected, however the problems arrive and with them more than one headache.

Then experts from CC Plumbing Service bring 6 tips to keep the plumbing in good condition, and if possible, avoid calling the plumber.

1.Trash goes to the dumpster, not the toilet

We have the mistaken belief that everything we throw into the toilet will go down the drain. That’s why we throw away remains of cotton, rolls of toilet paper, feminine towels and all kinds of disposable items. The truth is that sometimes these do not go and obstruct the passage of water. The best thing is to have a small piece of trash in the bathroom, to throw the corresponding waste there.

2.The same applies to the kitchen sink

You have to be especially careful when washing dishes, or cutting vegetables, that garbage does not go down the drain. This food debris tends to accumulate and clog the pipes, causing an unpleasant odor. For this reason it is advisable to make sure to clean the dishes of food remains so that they do not seep through the drain. Another possible solution is to install a strainer, so that larger pieces do not cause us problems.

3.The problem of fat

Under any point of view, it is necessary to avoid throwing the fat down the drain. This sticks to the walls of the pipes and then the small remains of food that pass when we wash the dishes stick. It is recommended that once a week we throw a pot of boiling water to facilitate the dissolution of the fat. Periodically, we must pour half a cup of chemical yeast and half of alcohol vinegar to keep the pipes in optimal conditions. The advisable thing is to throw the fat in a container and from there to the garbage.

4.Hanging heavy things from the shower

If you have hanging some accessory in the shower where you put the shampoos, creams and soaps, you better think about removing it. The weight of these contributes to the shower loosening, causing leaks.

5.Dripping tap

When a faucet begins to drip, the first thing one tends to do is close it more tight, squeezing it. The only thing that is achieved with this is to aggravate the problem more. However, we do not want that annoying drip that does not let you sleep, to temporarily solve it, that you attach a string that goes from the tap to the drain. The drops will slide around and they will not make noise when they fall.

Even after following these steps if you face any serious plumbing issue just give a call to the HDB Plumbing Service.

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