7 Dee Jays

YES! Chillin in the place right now
Harmony and Heather B, Ms. Melodie
DJ Jamal-Ski, DJ Kenny Parker
And of course we are gettin MUCH DARKER
Because the Africanism is in EFFECT
So check it out, MAN!
And try not to bite the lyrics

So come in now with the chorus of the day
Because we don’t play

Chorus: KRS-One

It takes 7 Dee Jays to control a sound
It takes one soundsystem playin music loud
It takes 7 Dee Jays to control a sound
But D-Nice, you’re gonna make the party live

Bust it, yo
I love to diss whores, I love to do tours
Makin young ladies just drop their drawers
and when they drop em, I don’t kick em, check it
Like the Fat Boys said, I "Brrrrrrrr, STICK EM!"
From that point on, I say we’re on for the night
But I love it when the girl just call me D-Nice
And if she gets bold and try to ask for a fee
I say, "Please hoe, it’s all about me"

[Heather B]
It’s not the star spangled banner or the red white and blue
but the underground sister from the Edutainment crew
So what you do, is back up if you work for Bush
Cause all the Presidential prison pushin politicians
gotta get MUSHED, gimme back my land you SUCKA
You beat down my father and you raped my mother Africa
And now you wanna laugh at her
I feel like pickin up a razor, and slashin ya
Snatch up Margaret Thatcher and unmaskin her
to find out she’s a man without a manicure
Go to President DeKlerk without askin her
and BUST SOME SHOTS for South Africa
And if Margaret jumps in, I start bashin her
for every freedom fighter start crashin her
And then Heather B will get nastier
and pull out my two shot derringer
Cause yes, Heather B comes classier
Cause Heather B, Jamal-Ski, and KRS the trainer
makes up the dope crew called, Edutainer
You’ll find the law of balance on the two turntables
So look out for the FRESH Edutainer label

Biddi-by-by, by, by-by-by, Jamal-Ski, ki-ki-kiyah!

[Jamal-Ski] {best guess}
Jump up and be upon the mic and stick em
Come follow me the man me work for the mic
They call me top celebrity
Me bigga me badda mad hatta me callin it well and dead-ly
Me nah got no nine millimeter, me not want ya uzi
But I kill run a leggin on Misses Dancee
BLAM! BLAM! We comin out and yes you are the don
You hold for the mic upon they call me lyrical champion
Me bigga me black, me know if me chat, ya know me and ya done
Me read from Genesis unto Relevation
Me nice and into England, nice it up in Ja-pan
Me have armitage, me have enough stylee
Me whyla, grab the mic andna, sing to me, andna

Come in de dance with the NUFF stylee
And KRS-One, now comin in with Harmony

Now I’m comin to the dancehall, everybody call
follow me follow me, Sister Harmony
I perk, perk, perk, perk you up-a
You don’t need no coffee, let me, fill your cup-a
Perk, perk, perk, perk you up-a
You don’t need no coffee, let me, fill your cup
I’m a, stimulator, administrator
Activator, initiator
Captivator, originator
Perculator, perk you up
It’s Harmony, the minor key
That moves with the rhythm passionately
I ain’t ego trippin I do it humbly
Cause everybody’s bound to hear the sound of BDP
It’s easy, for me you see
I ain’t the one or the two, I’m the three
And three (badda-ba-ba-by-by) it’s the magic numberrr

Chorus: KRS-One

It takes 7 Dee Jays to control a sound
It takes one soundsystem playin music loud
It takes 7 Dee Jays to control a sound
But KRS, you’re gonna make the party live

Well now it’s Blastmaster KRS-One
When we come in the dance, my lyrics not done
Pray to my father cause yes

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