7 Tips for Bolstering Your Instagram Marketing Campaign in 2018

Instagram is currently what folks and businesses are looking forward to, thanks to the multitude of features and captivating user interface that the platform offers. For common users, Instagram serves as one of the most attractive social media channels for sharing the visuals and connecting with their family and friends along with a wide array of users from all over the world. On the other hand, for brands that are looking to promote their business in a more creative and innovative manner, Instagram acts as the most powerful marketing tool that they can have in their arsenal.

With the traditional social media marketing campaign taking a shift to visual marketing, marketers from every niche are setting their eyes on Instagram, which tends to be the ideal platform for sharing visual content and building a loyal user community. It confers you with the opportunity to communicate with as many people as you come across, engage their attention by understanding their needs and wants before making them aware of your brand offerings.

As per reports, Instagram will be joining the billions club in term of monthly active users which pretty much wraps up the reason behind its popularity. In order to help you get the most out of the platform, here is a write-up that will describe how to craft your marketing strategies in 2018 for Instagram:

Research Your Competitors

Having an idea of what your peers in the industry are up to is always an advantage that you should keep on availing at regular intervals. It gives you many impressions of an ongoing marketing campaign including how their profile on Instagram looks like and how well it has been optimized. Apart from that, the main reason behind why you should study your competitors is that it provides you the updates that they have introduced recently in their content on the platform. Once you are able to understand the motivation behind their concept, you can improvise on it and craft your own content strategies to entice your prospective followers by giving them something fresh and new.

Post High-Resolution Visuals

In order to ensure both legitimacy and professionalism in your Instagram marketing campaign, make sure that you are using high-quality images when it comes to sharing content on the platform. This does not imply that you need to work on heavy-duty post-processing of images before sharing them on the platform, just capturing genuine photos of your offerings will be good enough. Also, be mindful of the content theme while sharing an image. Identify which theme suits your business the most and use the filter in every image that you post on the channel to ensure the consistency among your posts.

Use Video Promotion

Apart from sharing high-quality images, promoting your business using videos is an important step in terms of visual marketing. There are many tools through which you can create your Instagram videos that will be suitable for mobile viewing, given the fact that Instagram is a mobile-exclusive platform. Another aspect of video promotion on Instagram is that it allows you to be as much creative as you want to be while ensuring the legitimacy and specific purpose of the content in it.

Leverage the Free Instagram Tools

Whether you are looking to increasing the reach of your posts on Instagram or giving a thought to purchase Instagram followers, there are different Instagram tools for free that can help you meet your different marketing needs. The biggest reason behind why you should make use of these free utilities is that it provides you with valuable information of your campaigns such as the ongoing performance of your posts and other metrics that determine the growth of your profile. Also, there are various tools that offer you to increase your follower numbers by retrieving information from public accounts.

Be Strategic With Profile Bio Link

The URL or the link in your profile bio section should be a clickable one and must be created via Google URL builder in order to measure its success. Also, utilize the specific URL sections to highlight and promote the URL that you want. The best strategy to apply when it comes to optimizing the profile link in the bio section is to make the link short by using Bit.ly and attuning it specifically to ensure the branding consistency. All you need to do is now placing the link strategically into your bio section and you are good to go.

Instagram Stories

The audience on the social media loves to view the behind the scenes images of a brand, as it provides them with the impression of their humanized approach and how they act outside their marketing gimmick. This was clearly acknowledged by Instagram which pretty much explains the reason behind the introduction of Instagram Stories. Also, it is the only way other than the profile link bio and sponsored posts where you can insert a link to drive your followers to your website or virtual storefront. Furthermore, Instagram Stories serves to be a great call to action tool that you can leverage in your marketing campaign. If you are looking to do something outside the box and give your audience the valuable insight into your brand, start using the Stories feature that is highlighted right on the top of the home feed.

Focus on Cross-Promotion

Finally, the last thing that you can do to increase your user engagement on the visual-sharing platform is via cross-promotion, which means incorporating your existing audience on other social media channels to Instagram. Think about the conversions and leads that you get, once you are able to bring your followers on Facebook, Twitter, and Google Plus altogether. As these followers are always aware of your offerings through other platforms, they will find your campaign on Instagram authentic enough to follow and engage with your creative content. As mentioned above, the consistency of your content and brand theme will help you in gaining more followers and will also aid in cross-promotional strategies, resulting in the extent of your reach.


If you are new to Instagram and wondering how to craft your marketing strategies to gain success in 2018, adhere to the aforementioned tips. The platform is decked with a broad spectrum of features and all you need is to be smart and strategic with your promotional campaign.

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