833 numbers- Toll-free Number for Businesses

Today’s business environment, while being quite dynamic and volatile, is characterized by paced up competition. To stay in the race, you need to not only strategize well; but also make optimal use of available marketing and promotional tools. And one of those tools is Toll-free or free-phone numbers which are the telephone numbers where the call receiver is billed rather than the caller. That means calling a toll-free number is without any charges.

Under North American Numbering Plan (NANP), the toll-free numbers are referred to as “800 numbers” for its historicity, after the original area code. The different area codes were released over a period of time with the gradual increase in the subscriber base. For instance, the area code 800 is in use since January 1, 1966 followed by 888 from March 1, 1996. The other area toll-free area codes are 866, 855, 844 and the 833 being the latest entrant, which got released for subscription on April 22, 2017. These toll-free numbers are managed through IN SMC/800 which is Intelligent Network (IN) database in North America.

Benefits of Toll-free numbers

  • Credibility: As today’s business is customer-centric, it is imperative for businesses to market their offerings in such a way that finds acceptance among the target customers. Factors such and credibility and trustworthiness are critical for your products/ services and brand to be received welland appreciated by your customers. As per consumer surveys, toll-free or 833 numbers are perceived as a reliable source to address customer queries and are associated with companies of good repute and standing.
  • Effective Tool to deliver Excellent Customer Service: An effective and efficient communication is very important to ensure smooth business operations. It becomes all the more important while having series of communication with customers before the sale of your product/ service or after sales. It has been observed that majority of customers who switch to other product/ service providers is due to poor customer service while another significant percentage of them move due to poor call handling services, wasting time and wasting money on long calls. Whereas, enterprises having toll-free numbers have a pool of satisfied customers with lesser customer service issues and, the customers need to spend money while making service calls.
  • Flexibility: Everyone thinks and plans of business expansion over a period in time. If you have subscribed to a toll-free number/ free-phone number for your company and you are planning to scale up your business operations; you need not worry as toll-free numbers are portable and can be transferred to any location or system as per your requirements. Your incoming customer calls can even be re-directed to overseas location and the customer’s would not even come to know about that. This feature of toll-free number can even assist you to make your smart phone a business phone with calls getting redirected to your mobile phone to consider any eventuality.

Toll-free numbers are definitely an excellent resource to include in your business strategy in order to position and target right your products or services.

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