A Few Ideas on How to Get Ripped

Building massive muscles isn’t what everyone who hits the gym looks for in a workout program. Men often want that lean and ripped Hugh Jackman-style physique. If you want to look that way, go for it. Don’t think low body fat and lean muscles come without effort though. Be prepared to work hard for a cut look.


Never assume that the look is impossible to achieve either. A smart approach to diet and exercise could change an average physique into one that’s perfect for a fitness magazine cover.


So, what can you do to get ripped?


Diet Smart and Try Something Different

Cutting calories becomes a must when your goal is muscular definition. Unless you shed body fat, definition proves elusive. Excess fat covers the muscles. Cutting out calories without altering your diet, however, might not be a successful approach. You want something you can stick with. Finding the right food plan shouldn’t be too hard. Many interesting diet choices do exist. Why not try one out?


The 16:8 intermittent fasting diet seems to help Hollywood stars. With this diet, you eat your required calories during an eight-hour window. Then, you fast for 16 hours straight. Many claim great success with this diet.


Another favorite among the health-conscious is the raw food diet. By eating cooked vegetables and other heated food selections, you eliminate a ton of extra calories found in oils and other preservatives.


Experiment with different diets until you find one capable of helping you lean out.


Build Up Muscle

To look cut, you still need to hit the gym and build up your muscle mass. Failure to build up decent muscle tone before dropping weight can make your body look smaller. You want increased muscle mass with less body fat. A common suggestion involves lifting the weights at high reps. Don’t assume, however, this approach reflects the only way to get ripped in the gym. Any progressive resistance weight training program helps the cause.


Don’t overdo things either. Maybe three days lifting weights in the gym is enough. Performing full body compound exercises combined with one or two isolation exercises could be enough.


Check Out Supplement Options

Eating a perfect diet is it always possible. Be mindful a healthy reduced-calorie diet isn’t automatically an ideal diet. If nutrients are missing, your food intake won’t exactly help you get ripped. When nutrients are missing, then you need to explore supplements.


Protein powder certainly helps build muscle. Protein intake becomes necessary to repair muscle broken down during the workout. Look into creatine products as well. A creatine cycle supports increased energy and also muscle growth among other benefits. Creatine deficiencies aren’t helpful to muscle-building goals.


Don’t Burn Off Your Muscle Mass

You don’t want to end up looking “skinny fat.” A “skinny fat person” is someone who loses weight in the form of both fat and muscle. They become a lighter person who still presents some unsightly body fat. The amount of muscle mass on their bodies appears noticeably gone. How does this happen? They burned up muscle instead of fat.


Human beings lose muscle mass when their body burns protein instead of fat for energy. Protein equals muscle. Two poor decisions often cause muscle burning. The first involves choosing a starvation diet. Drastically cutting calories below a healthy level sends the body into starvation mode. The body then chooses to preserve fat as a survival mechanism. Muscle gets burned instead.


Exercising too much for too long and far too often also burns muscle mass. That’s why so many marathon runners do not carry decent muscle weight. Consistent high-intensity workouts also burn muscle. Take it easy with your workout routines. Overtraining eats up muscle, which makes looking ripped difficult.


Put In the Right Amount of Time

You won’t get ripped overnight. You may need 12 weeks of dieting and exercise to achieve the desired goal. 12 weeks eventually pass. Why not make the time productive?


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