A New Argentina

Peron: Dice are rolling the knives are out
Would be presidents are all around
I don’t say they mean harm but they’d each give an arm
To see us six feet underground

Eva: It doesn’t matter what those morons say
Our nation’s leaders are a feeble crew
There’s only 20 of them anyway
What is 20 next to millions who are looking to you

All you have to do is sit and wait
Keeping out of everybody’s way
We’ll-you’ll be handed power on a plate
When the ones who matter have their say
And with chaos installed
You can reluctantly agree to be called

Peron: There again we could be foolish not to quit while we’re ahead
For distance lends enchantment and that is why
All exiles are distinguished more important they’re not dead
I could find job satisfaction in Paraguay

Eva: This is crazy defeatest talk
Why commit political suicide
There’s no risk there’s no call for any action at all
When you have unions on your side

People of Argentina: A new Argentina the chains of the masses untied
A new Argentina the voice of the people cannot be denied

Eva: There is only one man who can lead any worker’s regime
He lives for your problems he shares your ideals and your dream
He supports you for he loves you understands you in one of you
If not how could he love me

People of Argentina: A new Argentina the worker’s battle song
A new Argentina the voice of the people rings out loud and long

Eva: Now I am a worker I’ve suffered the way that you do
I’ve been unemployed and I’ve starved and I’ve hated it too
But I found my salvation in Peron may the nation
Let him save them as he saved me

People of Argentina: A new Argentina a new age about to begin
A new Argentina we face the world together no dissent within

Peron: There again we could be foolish not to quit while we’re ahead
I can see us many miles away inactive
Sipping cocktails on a terrace taking breakfast in bed
Sleeping easy doing nothing it’s attractive

Eva: Don’t think I don’t think like you
I often get thos nightmares too
They always take some swallowing
Sometimes it’s very difficult to keep momentum if it’s you that you are following
Don’t close doors keep an escape clause
Because we might lose the Big Apple

But would I have done what I did if I hadn’t thought if I hadn’t known
We would take the country

Peron has resigned from the army and this we avow
The descamisados are those he is marching with now
He supports you for he loves you understands you is one of you
If not how could he love me

People of Argentina: A new Argentina the chains of the masses untied
A new Argentina the voice of the people cannot be and must not be denied

Che: How annoying that they have to fight elections for their cause
The inconvenience of having to get a majority
If normal methods of persuasion fail to win them applause
There are other ways of establishing authority

People of Argentina: A new Argentina the chains of the masses untied
A new Argentina the voice of the people cannot be and must not be and will not be denied

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