Adrian came home again last summer
Things just haven’t been the same around here
People talk, and people stare
Oh Adrian, come out and play

An unforunate accident in a canoe
Dr. said "i’m sorry not much i can do’
The air was so still, his eyes did not blink
Oh Adrian, come out and play

Little Mary Epperson liked him
She vowed always to watch after him
Still he did not move, Dr. said it’s no use
Oh Adrian, come out and play

She sat by his side, watch the years fly by
He looked so fragile, he looked so small
She wondered why he was still alive at all
Everyone in town had that "I’m so sorry look"
They talked in a whispered hush
"I’d turn the machines off"
But still she sat by his side
Said "life he won’t be denied"
Oh Adrian, come out and play

Yellow flowers decorate his bedroom
Sign above the door says "Welcome Home"
But he just sits and stares
He’s awake but he’s still not there
Oh Adrian, come out and play

Little Mary Epperson grew up lovely
She still comes to visit him on Sundays
He’s like an un used toy
He’s got big hands, but the mind of a little boy
Oh Adrian, come out and play

Adrian came home last summer
Things haven’t been the same around here

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