Amazing Birthday ideas for your BFF

Your best friend or BFF’s birthday is approaching. You know him/her better than anyone. What they like, what they don’t, who they really want to invite for their birthday party. So, obviously they expect the perfect gift from you. You want to give them something special but you can’t decide. Here are some birthday gift ideas that will make sure that your BFF’s birthday is unforgettable.

Make That Trip

Since you are BFFs, there must have been several plans of visiting a certain place but for some reason it was cancelled. It might be a visit to a beach, or a club, or a music festival. So, why don’t go ahead and plan it for you and your best friend? If you are feeling generous, you can sponsor the entire trip or just tickets will also do.

A BFF Movie

A personalized gift will always steal the show. You must have plenty of embarrassing pictures of your BFF. Why not share it with the world and embarrass your best friend? Make a movie with photos and videos of your BFF. This will not only contain the embarrassing pictures but will include all the good memories that you have with your BFF.

A Friend’s Night Out

It can be a friend’s night out or just a couple of friends at home where you, your BFF and your other friends can binge watch movies or TV shows, drink, play games or do anything else that your BFF loves. Just don’t forget to bring popcorn and tissues because things might get a little emotional. You can order a cake online. We provide cake delivery in Kolkata in the east to cake delivery in thane in the west.

Get Fabulous

Spend the whole day with your BFF buying clothes, shoes, accessories, etc. Forget about the diet and treat yourself with your favorite dessert. Take your best friend for a massage and help them forget about all their problems for the day. Later at night, you can go to a bar and get drunk.

Name a cocktail after your BFF

You and your BFF share a strong bond. Why not give your BFF a gift of making their name famous? Create an original drink and name it after your BFF. Maybe something, that describes the personality of your BFF. If you know any bartenders, you can even get it in a restaurant. It will be fun to order a drink named after you.

Scavenger hunt

It sounds too much work but the experience will be worth all the hard work. You can base the hunt on something that your BFF is obsessed with or it can be based on little stuff that you and your BFF do together like the place where you first met, etc.

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