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I am not the brightest person in the world, but I do have a burning desire to succeed. If I can do it, you can too. Reminiscent of Michael Vick, you may want to have the past back so you can amend it, not going to happen. We are accountable for where we have been, where we are and where we are going. The present and future are blessings that will be abandoned unless you seize them.

If you decide you want learn how to start an internet business from home, a little advice. First there are no guarantees in life or top online businesses, so if somebody offers you one, think twice. Second training and support are an essential ingrediant for success with a Top internet business opportunities. On a final note, whether it is an internet business or not, find something you feel good about and can love doing. Change is not painless, so if you are going to go through it, make it justified.

We all have the aptitude to transform for the better, the key is to begin now and never quit.


If you have a sale that is heavily weighted in good will and intellectual property as opposed to depreciable assets, step up in basis is less of an issue because the amortization schedules for good will in an asset sale are essentially the same as in a stock sale. If there are a lot of hard assets, the step up in basis is real tax savings for the buyer using an asset sale. You may counter with an offer that says you will lower your price by an amount that more than offsets his loss of step up in basis if he agrees to a stock sale.

Another approach you could use is to move a little more of the transaction value into an earn out, deferred payment, and or some seller financing. Your argument is that you will agree to stringent reps and warranties and the deferred payment component acts as a quasi escrow account. If something goes wrong for them, they still have a portion of your money.

The key here is to understand the net after tax effects of tilting pad thrust bearing manufacturers the C Corp asset sale and Stock Sale. Set your transaction value target based on the after tax proceeds you will recognize. Give the buyer one price for a stock sale and a 34% higher price for the asset sale and use this as a negotiation point. Introduce this concept to your buyer very early in the process and avoid trying to bring this issue up late in the process.

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