Artificial Sweetener

Oh yes I’m guilty
For leasing myself out
Not ready to go up for sale
Can’t seem to give it up
Stubborn, so selfish
I’m showing off the worst in me

The return of Saturn
Assessing my life
Second guessing…

I’m full of artificial sweetener
My heart’s been deceitful
It’s all artificial sweetener
I’m faking I love you’s
You’re forcing me to

You really deserve love
I want to love you
But I can’t seem to find myself
My wilting effort
Our progress report
I’m only sure that I’m not sure

I shudder to be honest
Who’s behind it all now?
Who’s the author?

I’m full of artificial sweetener
My heart’s been deceitful
It’s all artificial sweetener
I’m faking I love you’s
You’re forcing me to

Re-read, re-write, redo, undo
I’m stuck on this page
I was born two weeks late
Is that why I hesitate?
I’m on the fence
Push me off it
I want to be on your side now
And keep a promise

I’m full of artificial sweetener
My heart’s been deceitful
It’s all artificial sweetener
My heart’s been deceitful
I’m faking I love you’s
You’re forcing me to

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