Attributes that I look for during Interview Selections

Through this article I wish to share with you my expectations and qualities that I look forward to when I interview candidates for building my team. I am sure that most employers in different industrial segments will share similar views and this article will help you to come up to employer expectations when you appear for job interviews.

My organization has grown from a medium sized pharma manufacturing company to a national level organization with commercial product testing laboratories spread over three states.

Since 2005 I actively involved myself in developing the contract testing services business of the group. Over the years my team has grown from just about 30 employees to over 300 today. It has been a challenging task for me to develop a result oriented and motivated team keeping in mind the high attrition rate in today’s competitive environment.

I have been personally involved in selection and development of my team members and must have conducted hundreds of interviews involving Ph.D’s, MSc’s,M.Pharm,B.Pharm, BS.c’s,Food technologists and Medical doctors. I value my personal involvement in the selection process as I have over the years nurtured a vision for future growth of my organization and have clarity on the qualities and other attributes that I want to see in my team members. During such interviews I have interacted with people at various stages of their career, from beginners who are striving to get a break in the industry, to experienced professionals with decades of experience under their belts.

I am convinced that single-handedly I cannot realize the cherished goals that I have set for my organization. To a large extent they will be realized through contributions of my well nurtured and motivated team members.

Qualities that I value

A sound understanding of basics is my prime requirement.

However, I have a different set of expectations from the candidates that I interview. Largely these are based on their educational qualifications, past experience and skills.

 Fresh candidates

Fresh candidates do not have any work experience and this is a major hurdle for them to get into a first job but I have found that a majority of them have a vision of what they want to achieve and where they would like to see themselves in next 10 – 15 years. It is the intensity of this desire that I try to gauge in my interviews. A fresher’s educational qualifications could be in common with tens of others but I try to read his or her mind to gauge the level of motivation to achieve career goals which indirectly fall in line with the growth objectives of the organization.

Experienced candidates

An experienced candidate brings with him or her years of exposure in previous organizations. Each organization has its own growth models so such experienced persons bring with them technical skills and ideas which can be valuable contributions to my own organization. However, I try to go deep to understand their need for a change of job. No doubt an experienced person will be an asset but he or she should not be an opportunist who is merely looking at self-growth and not concerned about the growth of the organization. Sincerity and loyalty are key attributes that I expect from experienced persons.

My interviews are seldom one-sided and I consider them more as opportunities to keep myself updated on the aspirations of today’s youth as well as the latest trends in the industry.

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