Avail services of genuine marriage websites, be safe over the internet

Mere creating a profile on a Matrimony website is not enough, you are also advised to play safe while you avail the match making services. Due to increased number of online profile hacking more and more people have to face nuisance. It is very important to be sure whether a marriage site provides impeccable security to its customers or not. Most of the time people who are registered on various Matrimonial sites complain against online extortion and identity theft.

Things to consider before making profile on wedding portals


-Marriage portal selection

You are advised not to make an informative profile about yourself on a website which is working on an older version of software. Online matrimony sites which operate on an older version of software are considered to be more prone to hacking. On the other hand you are also advised not to provide any personal information to a website which operates on third party software as they are considered too insecure. At a time website hacking all the exclusive data of registered users can be accessed by hackers including bank details which people use to provide electronic payments.

You can easily judge whether a website is working on third party software with the help of following points:

  • No website optimization for hand devices viz. mobile phones, tablets etc.
  • Websites which are using similar info-graphics.
  • The software developer has provided his name and contact information at the bottom of the home page.
  • The informative links which a marriage site provide, leads to blank pages.

-Checking for malware infected websites

Before creating a profile on any Indian matrimonial sites you are advised to check whether the portal is infected with malware or not. You are advised to take help from various online security reports which will help you make judgment, whether you can use a particular site securely or not. Furthermore, you are also required to go for sites which use https in their URL plus which offers SSL security during electronic payment. This feature will also help you get encrypted communication on a marriage portal.

-Watermarking facility

You are advised to avail the services of marriage portals which help you get watermark on your uploaded, profile photograph. This feature will prevent you from becoming a victim of various fraudulent activities over the internet.

-Other security measures

You are advised to avail the services of wedding portals which do not provide your primary email on your profile. Providing your email beside the profile can lead you to several, headachy situations. Furthermore, you are advised to create a secondary email before you avail the services of various wedding portals.

While you chatting a prospective partner for the very first time, over the internet, you are advised not to provide any useful information viz. phone number, address, email etc. Furthermore, you are also advised to block any unfriendly person on a wedding portal and contact the concerning authorities right away. Furthermore, if you are meeting a prospective partner for the very first time it is advised to meet in a public place.

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