Bag It Up

I like chocolate and controversy
He likes Fridays and bad company
I like midnight, it’s when I’m in the mood
He likes the morning, that’s when he’s rude

Just a bad case of opposite sex
Have to look to the stars
All we need is a little respect
Cos Men are from Venus and Girls are from Mars

Bag It Up
Don’t drop the baby
Boot him out
No buts or maybe
Wind him up
And make him crazy
Take him back
Don’t drop the baby
Spin him out
No buts or maybe
Do your thing
Come on lady

I don’t take sugar on my colour TV
But he likes it loaded with Eye Candy
I need some space and he needs a room
But then he keeps me waiting by leaving too soon

Treat him like a lady
Treat him like a lady
Tease him, please me, chase me yeah

You know what to do
Now you’re in control
Who’s wearing the trousers now..

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