Car Parks Upgrades a Must for Safety and Aesthetic Appeal

19.2 million Vehicles on Australian roads!

The Australian love affair with cars is legendary and as per the recent ABS figures, the number of registered vehicles increased in all states and territories. There were 19.2 million motor vehicles on road as on January 2018. Although car sharing is now increasingly popular and autonomous vehicles is fast emerging as a popular option in most major Australian cities, there are still barriers towards its increased uptake.

With so many cars, the question turns to increasingly stretched parking facilities, usually centrally located on highly valued land, and the role of car parks in our society.

In Australia, car parks will continue to be indispensable assets but a lack of modernisation and structural improvements can have a detrimental effect. In major Australian cities, like for instance civil engineering companies in Sydney must work out car park designs to repurpose parking spaces in ways that enhance efficiency. Similarly, car park operators need to recognise the opportunities and financial gains that can be reaped from improvements to car park facilities that can result in increased returns for local operators.

Improvements could include a major facelift to the facility’s façade, or more practical changes to the facility’s internal layout. Either way, improvements to car park structures that create more pleasant and user friendly car parks will benefit everyone who uses them.

The resulting benefits are not just about delivering a better car park experience, but also the safety benefits such as assessing driver orientation, or wayfaring, or auditing the facility to ensure it complies with current Australian Standard AS2890.1 are all vitally important elements in creating a safe parking area. Thus, it is important that car operators collaborate with civil engineering companies to refurbish their concrete or asphalt car park for a complete safety overhaul and address necessary safety compliance.

Car parking as we know it is about to change dramatically, thus it is important for authorities across major cities in Australia collaborate with experienced civil engineering companies in Sydney, Melbourne and beyond to develop smart car parking solutions that meet present and future needs.

However accessible parking is critical to the economic wellbeing of many urban and CBD areas across Australia and the removal of a car park facility can have dire consequences for local business.  If car parks disappear from within the community, rather than compel people to use alternative transport, there is likely to be backlash from regular users and dependant businesses. Therefore, reputed car park design companies will be the key to design smart car park solutions that are future-proof as also make optimum utilisation of the space.

 It is encouraging to see a growing number of local architects and designers embracing the opportunities that car parks can present.  Designers are increasingly using creative façade applications to make the buildings visually engaging.  One notable project is Tommy Balogh’s vibrant artwork of City West Car park in Canberra is interesting in the way it has gone to transform the car park into a luminescent  work of art. Similarly, Major transformation in car parking in Sydney, like the transformation of Union Rd Car park in Penrith or the $60m transformation of Melbourne car park into Green Public Plaza are steps in the right direction

As important capital assets, the continued improvements to car park facilities is vitally important to ensure they engage users while delivering attractive returns for owners and operators. If you are based in Sydney and looking for civil engineering services in Sydney, our car park consultants can offer you the car park solutions to suit all your needs.

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