Just a few years ago she was too young for me to know
So I had to let her go
Cut off ties said my good-byes
It kinda hurt to make a young jawn cry
Now just yesterday I saw her around the way
And we sparked up a little conversation
She been diggin on me like a goldminer
And since then she got a whole lot finer and

I’m caught up with her,I’m so caught up with her
I’m caught up with her,I’m so caught up with her
(Repeat 3x)

She got book intelligence street common sense
Ain’t down for the bull…
She can switch her mode from corporate to ghetto
Even when she gone represent
She’s that keep it real type
Speaks her mind on what she does and who she dont like
Cause see she’s very opinionated
You can take it how you want it
Either you love it or you hate it see but


Now I’m older and I’m wiser
And I know that I want you
Now my mother and my father know all about you
So it’s cool!

[Chorus 4x]

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