Cheerson CX-10W Review: A Perfect Quadcopter for Beginners

Hello other RTF RC quadcopter lovers! Here we are, once more, to take you the very best & most fun toy quadcopter available on the market. Nowadays we are examining something by the well-known plaything RTF RC quadcopter producer: Cheerson. The corporation has already launched an excellent set of effective plaything RTF RC quadcopter available on the market. Nowadays we review their fresh ipod device Nano FPV quadcopter, the Cheerson CX-10W model. A great little plaything RTF RC quadcopter for your members of the family members to appreciate. Considering its suprisingly low price, let’s review Cheerson CX-10W  and discover if it’s a god bang for your buck or not.

Material and Design

Cheerson CX-10W  is a Nano toy quadcopter, smaller sized compared to the side of your part, CX-10W is a great little RTF RC quadcopter to understand externally and within, although more desirable in the within. CX-10W will come in three different set of colours: Greyish, Silver and Light reddish colored. As predicted of a low-cost plaything RTF RC quadcopter, Cheerson CX-10W is made from ABS plastic-type material, a resilient and light and portable content material. It’ll avoid most accidents but understand that you still must fly correctly and safely. The RTF RC quadcopter will come in an 85 x 85 x 40 mm package and the RTF RC quadcopter itself is 17g. You can fly Cheerson CX-10W right out from the box, no building required.

Camera and FPV Transmission

Cheerson CX-10W is made to be a cheap and little plaything RTF RC quadcopter able use an inexpensive FPV (First Person View) encounter. In all its value, CX-10W provides what it guarantees and provides a fun FPV journey. However, as predicted, the built-in digital camera is only 0.3MP and catches pics and vids with a quality of 720 x 576 p. All pics and vids are stored not on a Micros cards but within RTF RC quad copter’s Show Storage space (you have the choice to place an up to 32GB Micros cards, thus improving your storage memory). Stay video transmitting is done via Wi-Fi straight to the pilot’s cellular phone

Remote Operator and Highest possible Range

Cheerson CX-10W comes with a very little and simple remote controller. This remote performs in 2.4 GHz regularity and it’s easy to use. A user-friendly remote controller with all you need to manage the RTF RC quadcopter, execute 360º flicks on air with just the force of the mouse, and of course combine the RTF RC quadcopter to the controller. A beauty of CX-10W is the capability to be managed via touch-screen, this implies the lead can management the RTF RC quadcopter via its smartphone, without the two 2.4 GHz remote control controller. But hold on, there’s more!

Battery and Flight Time

CX-10W RTF RC quadcopter is definitely operated by just a little 3.7 V 150mAh built-in battery. This electric battery abilities up to 4 second of journey period, which is significantly low actually for a quadcopter. The standard journey here we are in a RTF RC quadcopter of the dimension and budget range is 6 moments. However, understand that this RTF RC quadcopter features FPV, so that it requires in more battery power. Battery is billed via USB, you can price it on your pc. It only requires around around 30 minutes to completely cost.

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