Clean Linoleum Floors Properly

The most widespread flooring option for house renovations available in wide range of colours and patterns is linoleum. Though it’s rather tough and resilient flooring material that requires low maintenance, it isn’t so durable as vinyl. Cleaning linoleum needs a little extra care, trying not to spoil its shine or harm its surface.

If you don’t want to use harsh, abrasive commercial detergents that fill the air with foul smells and chemicals and actually strip the finish from linoleum floor, then try natural floor cleaning products using materials that are already near at hand in any home.

The most common, inexpensive and widely available product is vinegar that can do its job without filling your home with nasty chemical smells. Besides, the finish of your linoleum floor won’t be worn away due to its low acidity. No matter what kind of vinegar you use – white or apple cider, mix it with water; you can also squeeze a little of lemon into the mixture to fill the air with a pleasant citrus fragrance.

For more intensive cleaning, combine baking soda with vinegar and water solution. The cleansing power of vinegar and the grittiness of  baking soda powder creates a powerful scrubbing mixture. Spread baking soda on the dry surface, then, mop the floor with vinegar solution. After you have the floor thoroughly scrubbed, use a damp cloth to pad away any loose remaining baking soda particles that are left behind.

If you don’t mind more harsh way of cleaning, discover few helpful tips for routine cleaning of your linoleum floor.

– Remove all loose particles or debris by thoroughly sweeping or vacuuming on “hard floor” setting. Don’t forget about crevices, corners and underneath furniture and fixtures.

– Mop the floor with a solution of gallon of hot water mixed with 6-8 drops of dish soap. Don’t use harsh or acidic cleaners. Use as little liquid as possible while cleaning the floor. The strands of the mop should be just barely damp and soapy. After mopping, dry the surface.

– Mop the floor again with hot clean water, removing any lingering soap residue that is left on the floor.

– Get rid of any excess moisture because standing water is very harmful to a linoleum flooring installation. Absorb any excess moisture with old cloths or towels.

– Some tough stains may require a more rigorous approach with a scrub brush.

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