Comfortable Liar

You are sovereign.,
We are the salt,
Of the earth
Truth is the Word.

So here (here)
You’re free,
To hear (hear),
You’re free to hear the truth
No fear in truth.

The calm,
So the storm won’t take you down.

He takes the simple,
And uses them to confound the proud.

So here (here),
You’re free,
To hear (hear),
You’re free.

I’m free to tell the truth,
I’m not a comfortable liar.
The truth sets me free,
So I can be free from lies
And I can see
And I can hear

So You will know the truth, too!
I’m not a comfortable liar,
Because my heart is on fire,
So others will not burn in the lake of fire.
I’m not a liar
I’m not a liar.

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