Common mistakes Instagram marketers make

While trying to establish their Insta-brands, marketers make a lot of mistakes that end up costing them a good number of followers. Here are some of the Instagram mistakes that you should avoid at all costs as a marketer.

1. Making your business account private

Maybe you did it unintentionally, but whatever the case, it works against getting followers for your account. It is perfectly okay to set your personal profile as private, but for business, the account should be publicly accessible.

Setting your account private means that you are limiting your videos photos and posts to some followers. For a business, this will work against meeting new followers who might be interested in your business products. It also means you are constraining your opportunities in meeting new clients for your brand.


2.Low-quality images

Being a marketer, your page needs to appear more professional. Considering also that first impressions matter a lot, create a good looking page with quality photos. Prospective customers tend to judge your business with what you post. Using poor quality images promptly dishonors your image and radiates a negative impression of your business to potential clients.

The good thing here is that you don’t have to spend a lot to take the best shot, but with the below tips you can enhance the quality of your photos.

–    Select the most appropriate background

Don’t let your background ruin your photos. Always get the right background that will draw minimum attention from the viewers.

–    Consider the best view and angle

Avoid taking a straight-on photo. Try new angles, new perspectives, and different views to get the best photo for your pictures.

–    Get the right tools

Have the right camera and the right editing tools. With this, you will be able to get high-resolution images and also edit them to the right size for your page.


3.Misusing hashtags

Most brands are fond of misusing hashtags, not only on Instagram but also on Facebook and Twitter. At times they are also confounded concerning the ideal number of tags they should use in a post.

It is always advisable to use relevant and short hashtags for your posts. The tags should also be searchable.

About the ideal number of tags to use, it has been noted that using a few tags might not create the intended interaction. The ideal number of tags should be around 11 or even more.  Note that Instagram only allows 30 tags for every post.


4. Failing to respond to customers interactions

Maintaining consumer engagement throughout your posts prompts retention of followers. Responding to client’s comments shows them that you are concerned and really care about them.  Never let a flimsy excuse such as ‘am very busy’ deter you from responding to customers interactions.


5. Failing to add a link to your website

A simple as it may seem to add a link can do wonders to your web traffic. With the link in your posts or your bio, you can generate a considerable amount of traffic for your website and even see customers buying directly from the site.

Probably you made the above mistakes, and that’s why your audience is not increasing or even lost some followers. With the above suggestions, you can still manage to stop losing followers and grow your followers again.

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