Creating a Beautiful Backyard Sanctuary with an Outdoor Tilers

Installing an outdoor patio tile is a great idea when you need flooring in an area exposed to the elements. These tiles are easy to install and can withstand the challenges of extreme temperatures and it also has a lot more to offer in terms of design possibilities with the right choice and the help of a professional outdoor tilers NSW you can turn your empty space into a beautiful backyard sanctuary.

Not all tiles are created for the same purpose. You should bear this in mind when choosing an outdoor tile for your flooring. It is also important to use the right patio tiles that are made for the particular purpose, of installing outside. In NSW, Better Tiling not only provide a whole range of tiles for your selection but it offers outdoor tiling services too.

What to look for in an Outdoor Patio Tile?

In choosing the type of tile for your patio, according to a professional outdoor tiler NSW, you need to look for the following traits.


Since it is exposed in extreme weather conditions, you should choose a tile that can stand up to the elements. The ceramic kind and slates will not do because they are too soft and will not be appropriate for use outside. Better Tiling in NSW recommend that following type of tiles as good options: porcelain and solid stones like granite, marble, slate, limestone, travertine and quartzite. They also come in different colors like red, blue, green and beige.

It does not absorb much water

If you are living in areas that are exposed to a vicious cycle of freezing and thawing, outdoor tilers NSW recommends a tile that can last through this extreme weather changes. Porcelain is good because it has a very low water absorption rate. If you selected a tile that can easily absorb water, when this freezes it will easily crack the flooring.

It should be non-slip

Patios tiles are not the same way as your bathroom tiles where the surface is broken by grouting to provide more traction on your feet. The patio floor is composed of fewer and larger tiles and fewer grout line. Therefore, you have to look for ways to create make them non-slip. One solution that Better Tiling recommends is getting a tile that is slightly abrasive. When you have a little bit of grit, it can create traction on a wet flooring.

Get Help from Your Outdoor Tiler

When shopping for outdoor tiles, you must consult with your outdoor tilers NSW first. You will get recommendations on what outdoor tiles to choose. Your outdoor tiles are knowledgeable, and helpful and will steer you in the right direction.

If you are planning to install tiles in your outdoor living area, Better Tiling can help you. They have years of experience in providing quality tiling services in Inner West Sydney, Hills District and Parramatta.  For quality help, make sure that you are soliciting the services of the right person from the beginning. They can assist you throughout the installation process from the initial design to the finishing touches.

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