Developing the Best Strategy for Your Hybrid Cloud

The definition of the term “hybrid cloud” is generally driven by the market. This can be confirmed by asking Information Technology experts about its definition. Their answers are normally influenced and diversified by the companies they are employed in.


Thus they define it in the context of what services they provide and the platforms they are using, thus creating a sense of diversity. Lauren goes on to add that hybrid cloud draws curiosity on platforms that seem fitting for every data integration and security. Moreover, instead of drawing definitions, it poses a problem instead.


Directing the software team which also deals with the servers and storage of enterprises at IDC is Ritu Jyoti, also with a definition of hybrid cloud. He terms a hybrid cloud as a computing scenery that incorporates both platforms of the public and private sectors with coordination between them hence creating the chance of sharing both applications and data.


With the pressure to innovate becoming intense as technological keeps rapidly evolving, there is little time left to come up with a strategy. This strategy will involve coming up with the most cost-effective and efficient way to operate the clouds. According to Skyhigh network, the average company operates with at least 1,400 cloud services. This could prove cumbersome to maintain as more are created to serve uprising purposes.


Jargons have come up in the tech world in an effort to best describe and understand the definition of hybrid clouds. Companies use terms like multi-cloud to replace hybrids indicating that the strategy calls for a conjunction of clouds, with intertwining of public and private clouds to form different combinations.




1. Consistent and a Seamless workload


Consistency not only builds a customer base but also enriches your trust with the customers. The movement of the workload should be seamless and have consistency. Not only should you promise it, but should also be able to deliver. Is your system capable of delivering?


2. Integration with other sectors in your company


The definition of hybrid is being shaped by the market. Some define it as involving one cloud and others define it to include combinations of clouds. You should not be left behind. Being able to move across platforms helps to widen your client base.


3.Separation of Work Loads


A survey from IDC shows that 56 percent of organizations use private and public clouds for the same workload. Another 8 percent separate their uses across the clouds. This could be a good strategy to create a good workflow and increase efficiency.


For instance, one cloud to carry out production, while another takes up other tasks like testing, development, backups, and analytics.


4. Access of Apps on various platforms


Capability of moving and using apps on various platforms should be credited for making strategizing of the hybrid cloud a reality. This helps to embrace the efficiency and create speed in the performance of functions.


This is to make the services available in whatever platforms the customer is able to access. Customers would also like and embrace the efficiency of setting up applications in the private sector and slowly migrating them to the public sector.


5. Educating and Involvement of Clients


Spend time with your clients and educate them on what transformations will be involved and how they will benefit and affect their organizations. Involving the customers will also help your organization to learn what they would love and need to have.


Their input will shed light on what would be along to your organization.


6. Privacy And Security


Preservation of client privacy does not only help you to avoid legal issues, it also increases your trust. All clients seek that their information will be secure in your cloud thus it should be highly put into consideration.


Taking, for instance, Microsoft conjunction with Azure security where there are requirements not only of policies to be met but also of hardware providing a sense of safety for the clients’ data.


You should be able to choose the path and kind of services you would seek to offer your clients. taking all the above into consideration, remember that clients are a sucker for uniqueness. As you try to keep up with maintenance to increase costs, also remember to keep Innovating and vice versa.


Considering the pros of a hybrid clouding system that include being able to host a number of services and applications, coming up with a great strategy to help leverage on a hybrid system can be very rewarding to your company. This is because your employees will be provided with timely access to critical data anywhere in the world, helping you deliver services to your clients easily.

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