Do Custom Kitchen Cabinets Have an Edge?

Well, choosing kitchen cabinets are perhaps the most stimulating and gratifying experience. Nonetheless, for someone who has just begun, there are many things to learn, which can be deluging. Evidently, different companies manufacture cabinets in different forms that can be categorised into readymade cabinets, semi-custom and custom kitchen cabinets. As per your preferences and budget, you’ll end up choosing a particular type of kitchen cabinets from these options. In this post, we’ll concentrate on custom kitchen cabinets and how it has the edge over its counterparts.

Quality Guaranteed

Companies manufacturing custom kitchen cabinets use the best quality of wood; follow stringent quality practices and provide robust finishes to craft a product that looks like furniture rather than a mere utility box just to place things inside. So when you choose custom kitchen cabinets, you are guaranteed to receive quality products.


Customisation Matters

If what you desire is meticulousness and attention to detail then custom cabinets are ideal for you. When you order custom cabinets, you can have it made as per the exact specifications of your kitchen space, so you have full control over the cabinet’s height, width, and length etc. – it can be made fitting to your kitchen space.

Impressive Storage Space

In a kitchen, every corner and every extra inch of storage matters. With custom kitchen cabinets, you have the capability to add storage space wherever you want in your kitchen, making use of every corner and hidden space in the most resourceful way possible. Custom kitchen cabinet makers can integrate specific kinds of hardware, slides, hinges, and pullouts that aren’t available in semi-custom and readymade kitchen cabinets. For instance, if you prefer to access your toaster on your counter easily but want to hide it from site when it’s not used, then custom kitchen cabinet makers can build a cabinet that has compact doors or bi-fold hinges that facilitate the doors to remain closed when it is not in use or can be put away when you’re not using the appliance.

Door & Colour Selection

Door style and finish options are really endless when you opt for custom cabinets – this is imperative as your cabinets’ aesthetics is the centre of attraction in your kitchen. While custom kitchen cabinets are made as per your kitchen’s design, custom cabinet makers also let you choose matching colours for your kitchen cabinets to balance with your home decor. A wide array of door styles is available from which you can select from. Moreover, the manufacturer can try out different components for door construction such as panel, framing bead, edge and stiles/rails to make something very specific to your preferences.

Creating a Statement

The things in your kitchen that are non-functional make your kitchen look distinctive and incredible. Custom cabinets facilitate easy access to custom mullion doors, embellishments, wood carvings and different kinds of panelling and mouldings such as bead board. Makers of custom cabinets can provide the ultimate factory finish to any product you order and add in their production line to guarantee a quality finished product. Moreover, brackets, turnings, legs, valance details, and custom hood etc. are not only completed in-house but they can also be customised and manufactured. For instance – A custom cabinet maker can construct any shaped hood or valance that a professional kitchen designer draws in the design phase – A genuinely exceptional furniture piece for a distinctive home.

Final Words

Yes! Custom kitchen cabinets have an edge over its counterpart i.e. readymade stock kitchen cabinets. In contrast, readymade stock kitchen cabinets are made to fit specific kitchen layout sizes and they can’t be customised. Whereas custom kitchen cabinets can be customised as per the kitchen layout regardless of how small or big the kitchen area might be. With custom kitchen cabinets, it is possible to make use of corners to increase the storage space simultaneously enhancing the aesthetics of your kitchen. Moreover, custom cabinets can be made to fit the hidden spaces of your kitchen, which will expand storage space cleverly.

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