Do you need a Ph.D. to proofread a Ph.D.?

For proofreading a Ph.D. dissertation, you don’t need a Ph.D. Proofreading is a very extensive job and needs lots of focus and patience. This comes to them with time and experience. The proof-readers are the responsible ones to make corrections in any written document. It’s proof-readers job to compare the written material against references or research to confirm accuracy.

To have a career in proofreading is great but that requires a set of skills, which involves attention to even small detail, ability to work independently, and excellent written and oral communication skills. All these skills have to be developed while in the college and don’t require specific qualification for dissertation proofreading in PhD. But you will have to follow three steps to start proofreading PhD assignments. They are mainly;

Getting a Bachelor’s degree

Earning a Bachelor’s degree can help you get good assignments to proof-read as most of the employers prefer to hire proof-readers with a Bachelor’s degree in Journalism or English. These four years course programs cover all the necessary tools of proofreading like speech, communication, grammar, creative writing, linguistics and advanced composition. Becoming comfortable with software for editorial that are used by proof-readers can be a plus point. The editorial software includes Adobe Acrobat, QuarkXpress, Microsoft Word and InDesign. Familiarity with PCs and laptops can be another advantage for the proof-readers.

Gain experience in the field of proofreading

Experience is another step to advancement in dissertation proofreading. You can gain entry in this on a fresher basis that doesn’t require any kind of experience. You may get entry on an internship basis as most of the employers prefer to hire experienced proof-readers. So, apply for internship while you are still in college. Going for editorial internship can help you learn a lot of things like proofreading, writing, editorial roles and so on. Seeking an internship at the company you wish to continue working can be an added advantage. Anyways, experience is your second stepping stone to getting advanced jobs in dissertation proofreading.

Consider advancement opportunities

Once you get experience in the field of proofreading you can apply for higher-level positions in your company. The more experienced and degree you have the better will be your opportunity to get good assignments and posts. You can choose to apply for copy editor, head proof-reader, and associate editor. These positions call for overseeing other employees from editorial department. With advancement of your post you can surely get your hands on PhD projects as they require special attention to even tiniest of the details. Proof-read has to do thorough research on the project so they don’t need to have a PhD to handle PhD proofreading.

So, with advanced education and experience, you can grab advanced projects like Ph.D. assignments. Dissertation proofreading is a serious business. So, to catch such tasks, you need the capability to handle such projects. That ability comes with years of experience and maturity.

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