Does your DTH provider give you additional perks?

No service provider in India has the DTH offers that Airtel has. So why have you still not taken Airtel DTH?

As a DTH user, you are sufficiently pleased with the numbers of channels you have access to, and the superior picture and sound quality you get on every frame of your TV screen. But why be just pleased, when you can be thrilled as an Airtel DTH customer?

And for good reason, too. Not only does Airtel DTH tick all the boxes in terms of superlative packs, price and performance, it also has regular DTH offers to reward you for being their customer. Check out the current offers on DTH from Airtel:

* Save up to 28% with Infinity Annual Pack. The Airtel Infinity Annual Pack provides a huge number of SD and HD channels at a reasonable price. But this DTH offer is something you should get on board with right away: get all HD and SD channels for a year at just Rs 5,999. This is the lowest price for this combination of channels across service providers – and the transmission is superb, too.

* Get Rs 150 cashback on recharging with Airtel Payments Bank. The myAirtel app and Airtel website give you access to the wonderful Airtel Payments Bank, a mobile wallet system that works as a savings bank account (and also pays savings interest of 4%). At the moment, Airtel DTH offers a straight cashback of Rs 150 when you recharge your DTH connection’s Infinity Packs (costing Rs 5,999 and Rs 5,399) using the Airtel Payments Bank balance.

* Upgrade your current set top box. You may be an existing DTH consumer with another service provider. But if you are looking to upgrade your set top box or even change to another provider, then Airtel DTH offers an upgrade on your current setup box and an easy switch as well. Get more details on this offer from the Airtel website or smartphone app during recharge.

* Save Rs 1,000 on new DTH connection and get a new HD box at Rs 1,490 only. Many service providers promise the moon and everything else in their power when you wish to purchase a new DTH connection. But only leading providers like Airtel are able to deliver on these promises – take, for instance, this DTH offer where you can save up to Rs 1,000 on ordering a new Airtel DTH connection, and also get an HD set top box for just Rs 1,490. Can you think of any other service providers with this offer?

* Recharge DTH account with Airtel Payments Bank and get Rs 50 cashback. Where there is a DTH connection, there is regular recharge. So why not get rewarded for recharging your pack? Airtel DTH offers a straight cashback of Rs 50 with every DTH recharge account done via the Airtel Payments Bank.

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