Don’t Forget to Visit These 5 Places If You Are Visiting Italy

Italy has a number of places where tourists from different countries love to visit. Italy is famous for the historical sites of Roman ruins of Pompeii, Herculaneum and Rome and also no one can forget about Tuscany and Venice for their romantic appeal.

Let us list out 5 places that you should never give a miss if you ever plan to visit Italy in near future. You may prefer to use public transport as driving in Italy is quite inconvenient due to heavy traffic.


Tuscany is an important place due to number of reasons besides having beautiful landscape and vegetation. It is one of the big business centres and also famous for political reasons too. This is also one of the major cities of the period of Renaissance. If you are an art lover then you will find various craftworks made here by using metal, wood, marble, leather, wool and many more.

Also, there are few museums, palaces and churches that are worth visiting. You can also see the famous Plazza dai Miracoli and Leaning tower of Pisa for their architectural beauty. Best time to visit this place is September to October and April to June.


Naples is another historical place and is known for its rich culture. You can find few beautiful churches with wonderful architecture. Besides that, you can visit few museums, military fortress, Palazzo Reale, the Naples Archdiocese seat, Gothic Santa Chiara Church, Naples Cathedral-II Duomo, Piazza San Domenico Maggiore, Lungomare amphitheatre and the Naples Archdiocese seat. September to Oct and March to May is the right time to visit here.

Italian lake district

This is located in the northern region of the country where you can see few beautiful lakes. During Roman times itself this was very famous place as tourist spot. Even today, many tourists visit this place and some of the key attractions are Lake Como, Lake Garda, Lake Maggiore, Lake Iseo, Lake Orta, Lake Lugano, fishing villages, Mediaeval castles, and Renaissance Palazzi. September and May are the best months to visit here.


This place is famous for ancient Greek ruins. Besides Romans, this place was ruled by Arabs, Byzantines, Ostrogoths and Vandals. You can still find the glimpses of their rule among the ruins. Also, you can view various architectural views of those periods. Some of the key attractions are Agrigento archaeological site a.k.a the Valley of Temples, Aeolian Islands, the hilltop town Erice, the famous cathedral Cefalu, Nebrodi Mountains, and Mount Etna. You must visit here during October and from April to early June.

Cinque Terre

This is one of the prettiest places of Italy where 5 fishing villages are connected by means of walking trails and you will enjoy exploring them. People who love to visit the sight seeing place must surely visit here.

Some of the places worth visiting are 12th century Manarola fishing village, Monterosso village where you can see few churches and Monastery, Vernazza fishing village, Riomaggiore village, Cornigila and the 12 km blue path. March to July is the right time to visit here.

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