Don’t Rock The Boat

Huh, please don’t you rock my boat
‘Cause I don’t want my boat to be rockin’ anyhow
Please don’t you rock my boat, no
‘Cause I don’t want my boat to be rockin’

I’m tellin’ you that, oh, ooh-aah, I like it a-like a-this
Can you miss?
And you should know, ooh-aah, when I like it a-like a-this
Am I really it? Ooh yeah
You satis- satis- satisfy my soul, morning time
Evening cold, -fy my soul
Yes, I’ve been a-tellin’ you, bake me the sweetest cakes
I’m happy inside all the time
Oh, can’t you see what you’ve done for me? Yeah

You make me feel like when we bend them new corners
We feel like sweepstake winners, yeah
When we bend them new corners
We feel like sweepstake winners

And I said, oh, ooh-aah, I like it a-like a-this
Yes, I do
And you should know, ooh-aah, when I like it a-like a-this
I’ve got it, just can’t miss, ooh
Satis- satisfy my soul, darlin’
Make me love you in the morning time, yeah
If ever I treated you bad, make it up to me one time
‘Cause I’m happy inside all the time
I want you beside me, yeah, to be mine

One thing you’ve got to do, is when a-we holding hands together
You’ve got to know that we love, a-love each other, yeah
And if every time you should walk away from me now
Uh, you’ll now I need your sympathy, yeah

Can you see? Do you believe me?
Oh, darlin’, darlin’, I’m callin’, callin’
Satisfy my soul, satisfy my soul
Never, never, never give it up now

All in the same boat
Rockin’ on the same route
We gotta get together, join each other
And can’t you see what I’ve got for you? Yeah

I’m happy, happy, happy, happy, happy, and not you can turn me blue now
Come a little closer, satisfy my …

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