Essential Options for the Perfect Singapore Based Gifts

Always consider giveaways as an important marketing tool for Christmas. Therefore, as with any marketing strategy, planning your promotional products or promotional products at Christmas is also the essence of this advertising campaign. Make sure you make the right choice because your customers should not only be happy about their giveaway for Christmas, but also be able to link it with their company.

Tip 1: Define target group

Analyse the target group of your customers. Be sure to specify your age and marital status. Think about which giveaways of the respective target group could be liked for Christmas. Do not forget the family members, for example, the children, with separate giveaways for Christmas the Santa Claus from chocolate or the advent calendar. For the Gift Supplier Singapore this is an important matter.

Tip 2: Grading

Distinguish your customers. Divide into A, B and C customers. Select appropriate promotional items that you would like to present to the respective customer group for Christmas. Show your appreciation this way. Strengthen customer loyalty.

Tip 3: Set budget

Promotional gifts or promotional items are subject to your advertising budget. Check how much room you have for this marketing strategy. Then decide which giveaways come into question for Christmas and in what quantity you will order them.

Tip 4: Order promotional items early

Do not wait too long to order your promotional items for Christmas. Otherwise, you risk that the promotional products manufacturer no longer has your desired quantity in stock. For the Power Banks with engraving this is important.

Tip 5: Send it yourself or have it sent

Depending on the number of giveaways that you want to send for Christmas, it’s worth considering having this done by the manufacturer. And for several reasons:


You must have enough space to store the promotional items.

Natural wastage

If you store the advertising material in your company, you have to take into account the so-called natural loss (theft of small quantities).

Personnel costs

Packing giveaways, enveloping them in envelopes, labelling them with addresses and going to the post office takes time. For this time you have to release one or more employees. Be sure to rollover the staff costs that would be incurred for the Promotional Christmas promotion.

The best way to do this: Choose your promotional products in relation to your industry and your image. When it comes to choosing the colour of the product, you should not be guided by personal preferences. Instead, stick to the corporate identity of your company as far as product choice and design are concerned. Thus, you increase both the recognition value of your CI, as well as the positive impression you leave by your gifts at business partners.

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