Every Beat

In every beat
Beat of my heart

I have a question in mind
One I don’t understand
And that’s when love makes me crazy
It seems the harder I try
Find I’m alone again
Holding my head in my hands
When all I really wanted
Someone to hear me calling
And set this heart of mine free

In every beat
Beat of my heart
You’re everything I need
In every breath I breathe
Thoughts of you
In every beat
Strong in my arms I’ll hold

When all my dreams are shattered
Deep in my heart is all that matters
Deep in my heart is where I’ll keep all my love for you

There are times where I feel I finally found someone
That I could trust and believe in
But when I open my eyes
Must be to blind to see that I’m a fool once again

I’m tired of broken hearted
What a mess I’ve gotten


When all my dreams are shattered
Deep in my heart is all that matters
Deep in my heart is where ill keep all my love for you


(Chorus until fade)

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