File for taxes while starting a business in the Netherlands

Now, when you are interested in doing business in the Netherlands, then you can get it registered at the Dutch Chamber of commerce. Make sure that you do this registration about one week before initiating the business. When you will register at the Dutch Chamber of commerce, then the Dutch tax authorities will be automatically informed and after that, they will issue you VAT number which can be used for deducting tax.

  • Non-limited liability company

If are going to open a non-limited liability company which means you want to become an entrepreneur, then you will need to make sure that you declare your income as business profits. After doing this, you can be able to apply for the entrepreneur facilities like investment allowance, entrepreneur allowance etc. In order to do this, one will need to maintain the hour criterion which means that you will need to run your company for atleast 1.225 hours in a year which means you will need to work in the company for 50 weeks.

  • Limited liability company

If you have got the limited liability company, then you will need to pay the corporate dividend tax and wage tax to the Dutch authorities for yourself as an employee. The entrepreneur allowance won’t be useful or liable for the limited liability company. The people who are starting a business in the Netherlands can choose to enjoy the best services at reasonable prices.

The money spent by both of the companies will be calculated as the business expenses and the money spend on dinners, gifts, trips, conferences can’t be deducted completely but the partial deduction is done. Based on the administration, one will need to file the income tax return and this should be always done before 1st of April of every year and make sure that you pay the taxes on time in order to avoid the penalties.

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