Financial Security for Aspiring Bloggers

Most people start their own blog because they want to share their knowledge, experience, and thoughts with a wider audience. Thanks to the growth of advertising and affiliate marketing, blogs have become a way of making a living doing something you love, but to start earning enough from your blog to support yourself won’t happen overnight. Before it becomes of interest to advertisers and marketers, your blog will need to be attracting a substantial number of followers. That takes time and effort, and most blogs need a year or more to become established and build up a decent following. So, what’s the best way of ensuring your financial security between starting your blog and successfully monetizing it?

Keep your day job

The obvious thing to do is carry on with your current job and work on your blog during the evenings and weekends. That way you will still be bringing in enough money to support yourself, and won’t have the worry of financial difficulties. The drawback of this approach is that your job may be taking so much out of you that you have little time or energy left to do the work necessary to build up your blog. If you are able to keep working and find the time and energy to devote to your blog as well, then that’s your best option.

Find a new job

If your current career is so demanding that it leaves you with no time or enthusiasm to maintain the work on your blog, you might be better off changing your job. Sometimes the idea to begin a blog stems from the loss of a job, which leaves you with time on your hands, looking for a way to earn a living. Either way, to keep yourself afloat financially, a less demanding day job may be the answer. Moving to part time working, job sharing, flexi-time, or temping will ensure you’re earning enough to keep you going, whilst giving you far more time and energy to work on your blog. If you’re considering a change of job, try using an employment service like, which does a lot of the hard work of the job seeking process for you.

Side Hustles

If you have the ability and self-discipline, you could go completely self-employed straight away, using freelance working opportunities and side hustles to make some money while you get your blog established. There are many opportunities for a variety of home-working jobs, and you’ll find plenty of websites dedicated to finding you freelance work and advising you on how to make working from home a success. You might want to try some freelance writing work, which will not only bring in some cash, but will help you develop your writing skills for your blog.

Living off the proceeds of a monetized blog can be a dream existence, and is perfectly achievable. However, it will require dedication and patience, so you need to be practical about the need to earn an income while you work on your blog.

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