Fine Accessories You Need to Choose for Your Car

You want to make your vehicle more pleasant? Equip it to make it safer? Want to drive a car that only looks like you? Whether to make it more practical or to improve its look, there is a wide choice of car accessories available on the market.

Points to check when buying accessories for your car

Of course, the first thing to do is to make sure that the equipment you intend to buy is compatible with the model of your car.

Then, if some equipment is made to adapt easily to the vehicle, others will require a more complex assembly . Check that you will be able to carry out the required work on your vehicle yourself, or call in a professional who can take care of the installation for you.

Attention to the legality of the modifications!

We can also find on the internet a large number of accessories available for sale, sometimes with significant price differences. This variation in tariffs can be explained by the fact that these objects with broken prices are often of lower quality , or even worse, that they are not homologated and therefore illegal . External modifications are particularly concerned. If this is the case, in case of control of the police and following the modification that has been made, you could expose yourself to a contravention . So be sure of the legality of the interior equipment that you intend to install on your vehicle.

When buying a car, equipment can have an impact on comfort and safety. Here are some practical tips to help you make the best choice.

Before going to his dealer, it is wise to note the essential options that we would like to install on his car and the more accessories that would bring us more comfort.

The options

Proposed in the manufacturer’s catalog, the following options are fitted at the factory and meet 4 criteria:

Safety: airbags, ESP (stability control), height-adjustable driver’s seat, headrests, fog lights … They are essential for the driver looking for a better level of confidence in the vehicle.

Comfort: automatic transmission, electric windows, automatic climate control, cruise control / speed limiter, on-board computer, CD-MP3 player … They are offered alone or grouped as a “pack”.

Customization: metallic paint, two-tone shade (different color for the roof and mirrors), sunroof, rear spoiler, alloy wheels.

The pleasure: all leather upholstery, panoramic roof, connected car radio, multi-service GPS and anti theft tracker, DVD player in the back … Not surprisingly, these options are the most expensive.

The accessories

Unlike the options offered by the manufacturer, the accessories are mounted after the purchase.

These “additions”, often removable, meet the needs and uses of each:

  • bike rack,
  • trailer hitch,
  • roof bars,
  • alarm

Some equipment is available as an option as well as an accessory, such as the GPS or hands-free phone kit.

The options of the manufacturers are generally better integrated into the vehicle but their price remains higher. The advantages of a removable equipment are the versatility and portability. However, be careful of installation difficulties and the risk of theft.

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