Five Best Reasons to Buy a New Home Air Conditioner

The last thing any homeowner wants, is for their air conditioner to suddenly stop working. Depending on the temperature outside and the constant temperature on your home, without the air conditioner running, this can be a disaster.

However, the reality is that residential air conditioners like any other electrical appliance, reach a point where they no longer function efficiently. Many homeowners think that as long as the air conditioner is working, it is better to keep it instead of replacing it. This is the wrong approach to take because a poorly functioning air conditioner will send your electric bills through the roof.

This is not to say that every time your air conditioner is malfunctioning, that it needs to be replaced, but there are certain things that you will observe that tell you it is time to get a new air conditioner. Here is a short list of some of those things.

1.    Your Air Conditioner Runs Constantly

A properly functioning air conditioning unit should run only long enough to reach the target temperature. At that point it should shut off and only start again when the temperature goes outside of the target temperature by 3 to 5 degrees. If your air conditioner is older and continuously runs, it is a sign that is experiencing a steep drop in efficiency.

It may need service however there’s a good chance that it needs to be replaced. So pay attention to how often your air conditioner runs when it is turned on. Are there times when the motor stops? If not, at minimum you are wasting a lot of money on electricity. Call your service person to look at you unit, and be prepared to purchase a new one.

2.    Your Air Conditioner is Not Cooling Your Home, or the Air is too Damp

The primary job of your air conditioner is to provide constant cool air into your home. New air conditioners excel at this and do it very efficiently. Overtime however your air conditioner will be less and less effective at providing cool air. As a result you will have to run the air conditioner more, causing your electric bills to increase dramatically.

Rather than continue to pay high electricity bills to cool your home, it is smarter to purchase a new unit. Today’s quality air conditioning units are much more efficient than the ones they replaced. In fact a new AC unit will normally be 20% more efficient than one purchased only 15 years ago. If you bought your last AC unit 30 years ago, you can expect a new unit to be 50% more efficient.

In addition to cooling your air conditioner also remove humidity from a room. As air conditioners become older, they become less able to remove humidity. As a result the air in the room becomes thicker and damper. In high humidity countries, this damp air can create mold which can negatively impact your health. When your air conditioner is not remove any longer, this is a good indication that you may need to replace the unit.

3.    There is Smoke or Bad Smells Coming from the Unit

Home air conditioners should run flawlessly and she’s never release smoke or bad smells. If your unit is doing either, you need to turn off the unit, and call your air conditioner service technician immediately. If this is been a continuous problem, you should expect that you unit will never work properly again, and it’s time to purchase a new unit.

4.    You Call the Air Conditioner Service Company Too Often

As home air conditioners get older, their parts wear down. Some parts can be replaced causing the unit to operate nearly as efficiently as when new. But other parts either can’t be replaced or are too expensive to do so. In other words what will happen over time is that your air conditioner will become less efficient to the point that it is not smart to continue running it. A good service technician will alert you that your air conditioner is losing efficiency that cannot be regained. When this occurs the only smart option, is to purchase a new air conditioning unit.

5.    You Want to Save Some Money

Many people are very afraid of the idea of purchasing a new air conditioning unit because of the cost. Air conditioning units can be expensive, but they are also much more efficient than the ones they will replace. For this reason you will start getting some of your money back every time you receive an electric bill. Over a period of time, your new unit will pay for itself.

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