Fortnite is accepting chilling through the anew launched

Fortnite is accepting chilling through the anew launched Division 6 with its Darkness Rises theme,but it looks like it will be Fortnite Items abacus some appropriate Halloween-themed cosmetics as well.A new set of skins,aback bling,gliders,and pickaxes acquire been leaked,giving a attending at what’s allegedly to arise at some point during October.

From the Twitter annual FNBRLeaks arise our aboriginal looks at the banknote Hay Man (Male) and Straw Ops (Female);Hay Nest and Birdhovel aback bling;Dark Glyph and Acreage Wraith gliders;and Thunder Crash and Harvester pickaxes.Plus,it provides a attending at the new T-Pose,which goes abnormally able-bodied with the Hay Man skin.You can see them all in the tweets below.

So far Epic hasn’t arise any appropriate Halloween events,so we’re not abiding yet just how you’ll acquire these new corrective items–they could be awash like any others or affronted to specific challenges,like the altogether accident items arise this summer.Whatever the case,these accompany a accomplished host of new Division 6 skins,which awning some monster-themed ones like the Dire Wolf.That one changes as you akin up,acceptable added and added like a werewolf.

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