Get To Know Ya

They be tryin’ to bring you flowers
you prfer your roses blue
others was tryin’ to get in your trousers
I was just tryin’ to get with you honest
Thats why them boys be scared of you
you never let them get past pajamas
oh…when you find the time
how can I get to know ya?

Yo’ name, number…game
tell me anything
I gotta get to know ya
Yo’ way, the words you’d sya
when you want I’ll be here baby
Longin’ to know ya

I know that you’ll never see me
I know that
I’m not your style
I know that
You don’t need me
But you do
you drive my dreams wild
Lady I got t know ya

tell me anything
I gotta get to know ya
When you want I’m right here baby
Longin to know ya
Feel me, know ya know ya

Ha ha know ya ooohhh

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