Getting Instagram blue tickto account in simple steps.

There are simple ways of getting a verified account on Instagram:

With the new rules, the thing about getting an Instagram blue tick has been madeeasy. The Instagram Blue tick that has been elusive, no real answers were found on how to get it, especially without being a popular figure. But now everyone who needs to have a verified account can apply for the same, although it is suggested that those who have high chances of being impersonated only they should be trying to have a verified account. Earlier even those who are celebrities had to look for a team of people that would make the process of getting verified easy charging a whopping amount of money.

Twitter had been in the same service of getting verification, easily, but now the server follow not in use anymore. A few weeks back Instagram announced quite a few updates which included the new feature allowing people to apply for registration to get a verified account.

Before you reach to this feature, you have to make sure that your account is not a private account, if you are budding business brand, influence, the model you have to submit a few documents one which includes your name, Date of birth issued by the government.

How to actually get verification of the account?

To get your account verified you must allow basic steps ensuring that you are making your account fit for blue tick for the process you must engage at a large scale with the audience and follow the rules of the site, you need to provide your documents which are issued by the national government which has clear writings about your name, date of birth. The document can be a passport, PAN card or anything with government approval.

You can fill the application from the setting section and wait for the results, you will get a notification for both the positive or negative result, lt and you will get a chance to reapply once you have passed the 30 day policy. There is no official news on what will be the basis of selection for the verification badge and according to us to get a verified badge process completion, all that you have to do is get a certain amount of follower on your account, the bigger your follower base is the better it is. You have to make sure you don’t write add me are your Instagram bio that is a violation of rules of Instagram.

You can find the form available under the setting a menu where there is request verification, waiting for you to press it.

There is a positive with this feature you don’t have to pay anything for it, which the third the party used to collect from the applicant in order to submit their application for a verified account. You can get other information that comes along this update is “about this” under this you will get information on how to make your account fit for the badge.

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