How Can You Recruit The Best Employees?


Every employer wants to fill vacancies with the very best people in any given career field, but that’s not always possible. Still, there are methods you can employ for attracting the top talents in those fields. Contrary to popular opinion, the compensation package isn’t always the most important factor in what motivates the top candidates to consider an open position.


Check Social Media

The resume is brief by design. While it provides a general overview of an individual’s qualifications and experiences, it won’t always paint a full picture and may even be a bit misleading. You can supplement that information by looking at the candidate’s social media accounts, such as though publicly available on LinkedIn or Facebook. This may give you a deeper insight into their personality and expose more about their talents and interests.


Make Your Job Postings Mobile-Friendly

As a business leader, you have undoubtedly heard that consumers spend most of their online time browsing with their mobile devices. The same is true of job seekers. If you’re interested in attracting the top talented individuals on the market, make your job postings mobile-friendly. Recent studies have found that nearly 43% of job seekers browse postings and apply for jobs on their mobile devices, indicating that this practice is becoming more common.


Conduct a More Targeted Campaign

If you’re not working with a recruiter, such as those at, you’ll have to develop a job posting on your own. While the temptation may be to publish a broad job description in the hopes of casting a wider net, it may be more beneficial to focus more directly on your ideal candidates. This can help you avoid having to sift through applicants who are under qualified or not quite what you want. Getting more specific can help you get better results, which will save time for you and for your candidates.


Don’t Be Shy

In some cases, you may have an idea about who you want to fill that open position. Perhaps you met the individual at a conference or ran into them at the neighborhood cafe. You may even have bookmarked their LinkedIn page. However you came across the individual, don’t be afraid to reach out directly. They may be looking for a new position or may prefer working with your company. An email, text message, or phone call can save you the frustration of posting a job opening online, especially when your ideal candidate is just a phone call away.


Create an Enviable Workplace Environment

Another way to attract a better class of candidates is in working on how the public perceives your business. If employees are happy with their jobs, they’re going to brag about that with friends and soon many others in the community will view your business as an excellent place to work. You can help your workplace environment thrive by putting an emphasis on your employees, ensuring they feel respected and valued as members of the team. Promoting from within and asking your employees for input is a great way to build a more positive attitude.


Make Your Hiring Process More Efficient

You may be attracting top talent and have every intention of hiring those individuals, but, if you take too long, you may lose those candidates to other employers. Job seekers, especially those with marketable skills, want to get back to work as soon as possible and a longer hiring process may turn them off. If they get another job offer in the meantime, they may take that position rather than wait on another position to be available. Shortening your process for hiring new individuals can help you retain the top talents, when you do find them.


Filling an open position can be an exhaustive and frustrating experience, especially when you want someone with specialized skills. By paying closer attention to the details you provide in the job posting and amending your hiring process, you may be able to attract a better class of candidates and those best qualified for your open positions.


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