How to Get Your Home Up-to-Date This Summer

The summer season is when many homeowners make improvements on their property to enhance its appeal and functionality. Due to the warm weather outside, it’s also the perfect time to clean and create a space that you can entertain in during the season. If you’re ready to improve your house, there are a few steps to take to get your home up-to-date.

Replace Your AC Filter

Replacing the filter on your air conditioner every one to three months is necessary to keep the alliance running well and reduce the risk of repairs that are needed. A new air filter will prevent the HVAC system from working too hard and can also reduce your energy usage during the warmer months of the year. It will even improve the air quality inside of the building and can reduce the number of allergens that are present.

Check the Irrigation

The irrigation system on your property needs to be working correctly to ensure that your lawn is healthy and can thrive once the warmer temperatures arrive. Hire a professional to inspect the irrigation lines and nozzles to determine if any repairs are needed. The heads on the sprinklers may also need to be adjusted to ensure that they’re covering the entire lawn when they’re in use.

Remove Clutter

The summer season is an ideal time to remove clutter that accumulates in your home throughout the year, which can create a cramped and messy setting that makes it difficult to find what you need. Work on one room at a time and toss or donate anything that hasn’t been used in the last year.

Consider placing seasonal winter clothing in vacuum sealed bags to free up extra space in the closets or drawers.

Perform Roof Repairs

The roof can suffer from damage during the winter season, making it necessary to perform repairs. Hose off the roof to determine if any leaks are present with moisture that forms on the roof boards in the attic. You can also replace missing or loose shingles on the roof deck to increase the level of protection on the building. Inspecting the flashing on skylights or chimneys is also necessary to seal the roof.

It’s also necessary to trim branches that are in proximity to the building to prevent them from puncturing the roof. Cutting back nearby trees will also prevent animals or critters from having access to the house.

Revamp Your Kitchen

You can revamp your kitchen by organizing it and tossing expired items. Place your kitchen appliances in an area that is easy to reach and out of sight.

You can also increase the quality of the space by installing a new countertop. Consider a butcherblock countertop, which is a popular material to use because it will allow you to prep food directly on the counters.

Boost the appeal of your cabinets by repainting the surface or by removing the doors to create open shelving. Installing new hardware will also update the feature and can make the kitchen look contemporary.

Restore the Deck

Restoring your deck in the summer is necessary to make it look new again. Re-stain the deck and check for loose floorboards or mold that is present to create a comfortable setting where you can entertain outdoors. Restoring the deck will also increase its lifespan and can reduce the number of repairs that are needed over time.

Improve Your Landscaping

Now is the time to increase the appeal of your landscaping by trimming the bushes, planting flowers in pots on your front porch, and by irrigating your lawn. Landscaping that is maintained and manicured will boost the curb appeal of your home and can make it stand out in the neighborhood.

There are many ways to get your home up-to-date in the summer and allow it to look beautiful. By taking on a few projects, you’ll enjoy spending more time in the setting with your family members and friends.

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