How to Lock Apps On iPhone?

Method 1: How to Lock Apps on iPhone Via Restrictions?

This iPhone feature restricts your child from accessing certain apps on your phone. It also prevents them from making in-app purchases, blocks access to websites you wouldn’t want them to visit, etc. To enable restrictions on your iPhone, follow the simple steps below.

Step 1.Go on your iPhone Settings >> General >> Restrictions.

Step 2.Click Enable Restrictions, and it’ll ask you to enter your Restrictions passcode. Create a passcode you can easily remember. It should be different from your device code.

Step 3.After confirming the passcode you’ll have a list of sections with different options to activate or deactivate.

Once you’re done enabling restrictions, the next thing is to go over the different available sections to select apps you want to restrict. In the first section, apps and features including Safari, Camera, FaceTime, Siri & Dictation, AirDrop can be blocked by simply toggling any of them. In the second section, you have options of deciding if you want to restrict your child from purchasing, downloading and installing apps and other contents. Apps like iTunes Store, iBook Store, and Podcasts can be blocked in this section as well.

Toggling the Installing Apps and Deleting Apps feature off will give you child access to the stores, however, they won’t be able to purchase or install any app. You can also disallow in-app purchases and a list of other apps.

Method 2: How to Lock Apps on iPhone Via Guided Access?

Guided access can be used to temporary lock down your iPhone to a single app. With guided access, you can app lock iPhone features, prevent typing, disable motion sensors, disable most areas of the screen, etc. To set up guided access on your iPhone, follow the steps below:

Step 1.Go to iPhone Settings >> General >> Accessibility >> Guided Access. Toggle Guided Access ON.

Step 2.Click Passcode Settings to set up a passcode you can remember. This is to help stop your child from ending guided access session. You can also use your fingerprint to end a session if your device has Touch-ID enabled.

Step 3.Click Time Limits to select a sound to play when guided access session is about to end. You can as well set it to speak the remaining time.

Step 4.Click on Accessibility Shortcut to set up accessibility shortcuts during a session. Triple click the home button to bring up a menu with accessibility shortcuts.

Now you’re done setting it up, take the following steps to enter Guided Access:

Step 1.Click to open the app you want to use.

Step 2.To enter the session screen triple click the home button.

Step 3.Using your fingers, circle out parts of the screen you want to disable.

Step 4.Tap on Options in the bottom left corner to choose whether or not you want to grant access to the Sleep/Wake button, Volume buttons, touch screen, and motion. Tap Done to save your selections.

Step 5.Click Start to begin session.If you can’t sync with iTunes and want to rescue data from a disable iPhone, you could try Gihosoft iPhone Data Recovery. Also feel free to ask questions on the iDevice is disabled error in the comments section below.

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