How to Recover Data from A to Z in Raid System

From diagnostics to the final phase of Raid data recovery restore in Raid system, it is absolutely essential to use precision-controlled hi-end technologies.

Wondering what you can expect in the event, you deliver your damaged data carrier (or carrier on which occurred a loss of data in a different way than the damage) to a data recovery lab?

Here is a simple and exemplary example of how data rescue takes place and which allows you to make a fairly clear idea of the whole process that leads to the rescue of your lost data.

An example of a typical data rescue process

Entering a new case (request for diagnosis / recovery)

You can submit a request for data recovery anytime online using the form. You can also call nonstop technical support at any time to discuss your problem with a technical worker who will recommend an ideal procedure. Another way is to deliver the carrier for diagnosis / restoration at the lab.

Delivery of your data carrier to the lab

You can send the data carriers in person or by post or courier service. You can also request to pick up the data carrier from your door step.

Free assessment of the status of the data carrier

Once the data carrier is delivered to lab, qualified experts will perform a free diagnosis of their condition. With the result you will be informed in writing or by phone. You will learn about what the nature of the problem is, the chances of restoring your files, the time needed for work, and the price charged if your satisfaction is restored.

Own data rescue & save files to secure medium

If your offer is accepted based on the diagnostics result, technical specialists will immediately begin working to clear the defect and read out unavailable data in one of your selected work modes. All the restored data is then placed on a secure repository so that it is ready to return to you as soon as possible.

Check the recovery & takeover result, return the data back to you

After completing the work, it is essential that you review your data and evaluate the recovery result. You may also visit physically in the lab to view the result. The standard procedure is to send an application containing the complete directory structure of all retrieved data and the form in which the data rescue was performed. If your recovery is correct, your rescued files will be ready to be picked up or sent to your address.

This is a simple process performed by a Raid 5 data recovery service company. The time and complexity depends on the condition of data loss and device. This process begins after searching the right data recovery service.

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