How to Shop for the Right Bathroom Products

At the time of building a new or an existing bathroom renovation, you can explore new things with eagerness and enthusiasm. The range of bathroom fixtures and fittings is exhaustive and you need to make wise decisions and choose the right bathroom fixtures and accessories for your new or refurbished bathroom.

1. Water efficiency

Bathroom fixtures like shower heads, tapware, toilet suites and bidets are required to possess a WELS rating legally. This facilitates you to evaluate the water efficiency of various bathroom products. You can save money not only on your water bills but also on your electricity by choosing the most water efficient bathroom products and it also aids the environment. For instance:

  • A traditional single-flush bathroom toilet can perhaps use up to 12 litres of water per each flush. And a standard dual flush bathroom toilet suite just uses 3 litres on a half-flush and 6 litres on a full flush, which fulfil a 3 Star WELS rating.
  • An ordinary bathroom shower head may use up to 25 litres of water per minute. A water-efficient shower head may use a modest 9 litres per minute which fulfil a 3 Star WELS rating.

The WELS rating system is identical to the energy rating labelling that has 6 stars. More the stars, the better are the bathroom products, which makes it easy for you to choose water efficient bathroom products.


2. Comfort

It’s great to have good looking bathroom fixtures and fittings but it is equally important that they provide the finest comfort and ease of use. So it is important to try out the bathroom products before you purchase them.

  • Inspect the taps and find out if they are handy to turn on and off.
  • Bend over the vanity basin and cabinet and check if the height is proper.
  • Sit down on the toilet seat and check if the seat’s width and height are comfortable.

In this way, you can choose the right bathroom fixtures and fittings that are not only easy to use but also feel great. Thus, investing in the right bathroom accessories is essential.


3. Functionality

Purchase bathroom products that – suit the available bathroom space in a fitting way, facilitate adequate bathroom storage, are suitable for all users and lessen the amount of cleaning you’ll have to do. For instance, if you install a back to wall toilet suite, you don’t have to fret about all the dirt and dust that collects at the back with link toilet suites; even better is to install an in-wall bathroom cistern and you’ll just have to clean the toilet pan.

Consider the things you’ll want to store – example: toiletries, cleaning products, hairdryers/straighteners, towels etc. Next, look at the available options you have to store them in – example: mirror cabinets, linen cupboards, bathroom vanities, towel racks etc. And based on the available bathroom space, you need to figure out the best alternatives. Select the bathroom fixtures that are handy for your children too. Keep in mind that if you have a highly functional bathroom it will soon become a joy to use it day in and day out.

4. Sturdiness & Durability

When scrutinising the durability of bathroom products, check the time period of the warranty and what is covered under it. The longer the warranty, more trust the manufacturer has in their product. Another vital consideration is waterproof or water safe material. And how scratch proof the material is – some manufacturers guarantee their bathroom products won’t scratch. This is vital for the durability of the bathroom product as well as for the aesthetic appeal of the bathroom. Before making your decision, ask the sales aide for information on the materials used and its robustness.

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