I Want a Guy

I want a guy to love me
One who will love me completely
Not like the last (not like the last)
Who’s in the past (who’s in the past)
Who broke my heart and made me cry

I wish that he would come and kiss me
And tell me that he misses me
I know someday
He’ll come my way
And I’ll never be lonely again

I don’t need riches like diamond rings
As long as he loves me, that’s everything
As long as he holds me tight,
As long as he treats me right,
I’ll never let him out of my sight

I want a guy with a love that’s true
One that I can tell my troubles to
He’ll be my guy (he’ll be my guy)
And stay by my side (and stay by my side)
I’d be so glad if I only had

A guy (I want a guy)
A guy (I want a guy)
Why can’t I (I want a guy)
Have a guy? (I want a guy)
A guy (I want a guy)
A guy (I want a guy)
(fade out)

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