In My Head

I tried to think about rainbows
When it gets bad
You got to think about something
To keep from going mad
I tried to think about big fat roses
When the ship starts going down
But my head is wicked jealous
Don’t want to talk about it right now

Long distance
Don’t talk about ex-girlfriends
Don’t talk about you with out me
Don’t talk about your past

In my head
It’s only in my head
In my head
It’s only in my head

There’s just something about you
That gets me in a twist
And sometimes I think
That cupid is just taking a piss
It only takes one word or idea
To send me in real deep
So if you think you’re clever
Use the right words when you talk to me

[Repeat chorus]

In my head
It’s only in my head
In my head
It’s only in my head

I really think I have a problem
I really can’t control myself
Why do I get so suspicious?
Do you want someone else?

Cause everybody wants everybody else
Everybody wants everybody else
Everybody wants everybody else

Only in my head…
It’s only my head

In my head
It’s only in my head
In my head
It’s only in my head

[Repeat chorus]

Lets talk about the future
Lets talk about the wedding
Lets talk about Gwen Stefani
Let’s talk about how much you like me
And all that

In my head
It’s only in my head
In my head
It’s only in my head

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