In the European Super Cup game that ended on Wednesday

In the European Super Cup game that ended on Wednesday,Real Madrid 2-4 lost to rivals Atletico Madrid.After the game,according to a number of Spanish media reports,coach Lope Teji once again asked the club for signings.Lopetji hopes to introduce a midfielder who replaces Kovacic,a striker who replaces Ronaldo.

The voice of Real Madrid fans is also consistent with the coach’s idea.According to a survey conducted by the Spanish media “Aspen” recently,88% of the fans participating in the survey believe that the team “needs to transfer transactions”,only 12% of the fans believe that “the most array” – the current lineup It is good enough.A total of 15,438 fans participated in the survey.

Real Madrid will usher in the challenge of LOLGA Getafe on Sunday and start the La Liga tour of the 18-19 season.

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